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Concession, Confusion, Commission

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Last night was quite the eventful night. I went to work at 6:30 PM, and was introduced to the concession. Yes, I’m being trained to get popcorn, spit in drinks, and the whole deal. It was quite exciting. Well, I guess it wasn’t that exciting, but I’ll say it is just to make the whole night that I’ll describe for you just that much more interesting.

I signed in on my cash register thing first of all, after choosing a six-digit number to use as my login. The registers there are much more ancient than the one at Quizno’s. You see, Quizno’s had one of those touch-screen registers, where it was essentially a computer. These things at the theatre are of the more archaic push-button things, where sometimes it takes forty-three metric tonnes of pressure per square inch just to make the button work. Don’t ask me how I measured it (I didn’t). At first, Nikki set me to work getting orders for people. She showed me the sizes of drinks, and also the size of popcorn bags. Then she took orders while I got them all ready. Basically, it’s easiest to do the drinks first, since you can just set them there and they’ll fill up. Then popcorn comes next. The scoops to pick up the popcorn are really annoying, because they’re made for right-handed people. As I began to scoop out popcorn, I thought about just how much better life would be if left-handed people were in the…Continue Reading

Cooking Calamities

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Today has been a very exciting day! It’s been the most exciting day of my life! Well, okay, not really. I haven’t done too much today at all, and it’s quite boring. But there was one incident worth mentioning, and so that is what I shall do as of immediately.

I decided today that I wouldn’t have something stupid for lunch. Lately I’ve just grabbed whatever leftovers I can find or popped in some bread into the nifty machine we call the “toaster,” coming out with deliciously burnt toast. But today I decided I would have none of that. Today was not a day for burnt grain products – it was a day of adventure and exploration! So I explored the kitchen. Well, I didn’t actually explore the kitchen, because I’ve lived in this house for almost eighteen years and know approximately what the kitchen looks like, but within the confines of the kitchen, I explored the delicacies of fine cuisine. And what did I come up with? Egg McMuffins.

I suppose technically I can’t call them Egg McMuffins since that’s likely copyrighted by McDonalds. They’re more like English Muffins with Egg, Meat, and Cheese. But seeing as that’s a stupid name for them, I’ll continue to call them Egg McMuffins from here on out. I doubt McDonalds will care, since I’m advertising their product indirectly. But anyways, that’s not the point. Searching into the deep recesses of my mind where no traveler has dared to venture, I discovered that…Continue Reading

The Buffet of Kings

Today was pretty strange. Not too much has happened, but the pastor’s sermon today could have easily come straight from the entry I posted yesterday. He spoke from Acts 5:17-42, and especially from 33-41 with the part where Gamaliel speaks. His basic points were that Human Attempts will Fail, Heaven’s Agenda is Favour, and the Holy Anointed will Flourish (note the nifty use of alliteration). Except for the third point, the pastor’s sermon basically lined up exactly with what I said yesterday. I was pretty astounded. Hey, at least I know I’m right now – although I knew that before anyways. It was just kind of confirmation for me, so that was pretty cool.

After church, my sister went off to work, and my parents, Mrs. Haacke, and I went out to King’s Buffet for lunch. There I saw some of the people from Central, so I went over and said hello to them. The time was spent mostly with my parents and Mrs. Haacke talking, and me eating. I expected that when I agreed to go, though. The reason I went is because otherwise I’d have to find some lunch for myself at home. The most interesting thing that happened there, though, was when I dropped a piece of pork on my pants. I was cutting something and then my knife slipped, knocking the slice of pork right onto my crotch. It was a little awkward. I didn’t say anything, and nobody noticed, so I quickly scooped it back…Continue Reading

The Day (Uninteresting Title, Eh?)

I’m not sure what to say about today. I did stuff, but that stuff wasn’t all that exciting. When I got up, everyone in my house had already left for the day, so I was all alone. I didn’t even hear them leave today. There was a note on the table telling me to do stuff – empty the dishwasher, and vacuum and dust the living room, dining room, and family room. I was thinking of just not doing it, but then I figured that they could have told me to go cut the grass or something, so they were being easy on me. So I did them. The morning was fairly uneventful. I did my regular routine – had a shower, got changed, went down to the computer, etc.

So anyways, I had a wonderful lunch of toast with grape jam on it, and was just settling down to have a nice boring day, when lo and behold, Melissa called. She told me to come over since I was probably bored at my house – which I was – and I told her that I didn’t want to. Of course, no one ever believes me anymore when I say that, since I always say the exact opposite of what I want, so she continued to pester me, threw out all my excuses, and told me Steph was there – although I can’t say that really made me want to go over there any more. I’m really not sure how…Continue Reading

Monopoly, Waterboys, and Sexy Hair

Wow. I can’t believe that I completely forgot to blog yesterday. I’m slipping, I tell ya. But that’s probably a good thing. It may possibly mean that I’m actually developing a social life. But we all know that’s not the case, right? Right. I guess I was just busy with other stuff yesterday (which I’ll get to talking about), so it just slipped my mind.

Oh well. I guess I’ll talk a little bit about Thursday then, since I missed talking about it yesterday. Melissa called me sometime in the afternoon wanting to hang out or whatever, but with the other stuff I was doing, I didn’t get to do that until later. At 3:00 PM, I had an interview at Home Hardware with Dave. It wasn’t so much of an interview, really, as it was story time. He really just told me a few stories of people that worked there or used to work there as examples for me to follow or not follow. He asked a few questions, but since he already knows my mom, he knows kind of what my character is like already. He also knows my dad and my sister also, although not as well, but I think he could see a pattern developing. So anyways, he’s going to talk to the floor manager and probably set up an interview so I can meet him, then they’re going to interview a few other people, get their heads together, and pick the best one or two.…Continue Reading

Sunburn and Poker Games

I am not doing so good today. Last night I had another hard night trying to get to sleep because of my sunburn, and then I had to get up early to play bass for church today. On top of my tiredness, I feel like I’m being attacked by body lice or something because of the sunburn. I’ve had an itchy spot on my back all morning, and no matter how many times I scratch it, it won’t go away. It feels like it’s underneath the surface or something, because when I put pressure on the spot, it feels a lot better, but if I just scratch it, it does nothing. It’s really, really, really, really bugging me. And it’s taking me a long time just to write this paragraph because I keep having to push on my back to try to just get rid of the stupid itch.

Anyways, on a slightly more optimistic note, I had a good time last night. After staying in my empty house all day, I was going crazy. I didn’t want people over to my house to have a party, I wanted to get out of it and go somewhere else. So anyways, in the afternoon, my sister called me up from the Tozer’s house and asked if I wanted to come over for supper. She figured that since my parents weren’t home, I’d have nothing to eat, whereas she had tons of food there, more than she could eat. That sounded like…Continue Reading

Graduation (The Actual Thing)

Last night was awesome. The only part about the graduation ceremony that I didn’t like was having to speak. But I got it over with, and it really wasn’t too bad. But some great things were said about our class and also about myself in particular, which definitely gave me a big grin on my face. I was smiling because I knew that they actually meant what they said.

I really enjoyed what both Lana and Jon had to say. What happened was that each of us in turn got our “award,” and then we spoke for a little bit. Basically the award is a Bible character that the teachers pick out as being representative of our character qualities. Lana got the Queen of Sheba award, because she’s always asking questions. She then got up and spoke about making the most of every opportunity. Jon then came up and got the Timothy award for his heart for God. He spoke about walking in the light. What really made me sit up in my seat was when he took a quote off my blog. He called me a SHH (Spontaneously Hilarious Human) and then pulled off a paragraph from the blog entry I wrote about Living Victoriously. It’s strange to say this, but what I said really made me think. I mean, it’s been a while since I looked at it, so I’ve had another month to look at it with fresh eyes. I really think that what Jon pointed…Continue Reading