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Special Request

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Ahh, yes. How could I forget? Due to special request, this entry is dedicated entirely to Melissa.

Melissa is nice. The end.

(Take a wild guess at who requested this.)…

Eating Weeds

Well, it’s been a long hard day at the ranch. I woke up at around 9:30 AM or so, and then came down to the computer for a while after taking my shower. Then my dad came downstairs and told me that he was going to teach me how to use the weed-eater today. I can’t say that I was overly enthusiastic about that idea. However, out I went, since I figure I might as well learn – I’ll have to use it sooner or later.

Now, after about two hours of eating weeds (well, maybe weed-eating is a better term), I’m pooped. My arms feel like mush. It’s not all that heavy of a machine, but it’s sure awkward. I can’t say that I’ll ever become a professional gardener; I’d probably die. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could just hold it normally, but you have to constantly keep it slightly tilted, meaning you have to hold it at a strange angle. Anyways, I don’t think I did too bad a job at it once I got the hang of it. I took a few chunks out of the lawn, unfortunately, but my dad just shook his head, and that was that. I should have just jammed it down into the ground, just to see what he’d do or how badly he would mutilate me because of a nicely cut circle in the middle of his lawn. It would definitely be funny until he took the weed-eater to…Continue Reading

A Bunch of Randomly Random Stuff

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Restraining yourself from beating up someone or something is very hard. Right now I’d like to beat up Kyle for always scheduling practices with little or no warning – or rather, just calling practices for any time that he wants. It’s very frustrating. I mean, I had planned to get together with Lana and Beth to work on our sonnet for English at 6:00 PM, but now there’s apparently a practice tonight at 8:30 – one that I just found out about today when Bethany brought it up. So basically, I’ll be working on this sonnet for a couple hours and then driving over to the church. I guess it sort of works out since I’m going to the Tozers to work on it, so I can just take my bass along, then give Jordan a ride when it’s time to go, but still, I’d prefer some more advanced notice. But I suppose we need a practice to get ready for Sunday night; this coming Sunday is Pastor Dave’s farewell, although he isn’t really going anywhere. He’s just resigning, but he’s still staying at the church for the time being, anyway.

Anyways, other than that, it was a pretty average day. Steph and Melissa were away at CAASO Track and Field helping out or something, which was kind of annoying since I wanted to talk to them and sort some things out today. I mean, I knew they were going to that thing, but I had forgotten, so then when…Continue Reading

Girls Are Stupid

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I’m pretty sure last night turned out nothing like what I expected. It was very messed up. I got a phone call from Steph and Melissa, and because it was raining, they changed their mind about going to Port Dover. Phew. That meant I didn’t have to ask my parents for the car – my dad ended up not coming home with it until just before 7:00 PM anyways. So instead, they decided to go see a movie. Out we went – Josh, Zeth, Melissa, Steph, Kristin, and Bethany – to go see “Kicking and Screaming.” It was a pretty good movie, although for a Will Ferrell movie, it had way too much plot to it. It was still his kind of movie though, considering how loud and obnoxious he got to be. I definitely enjoyed the movie, although it was disappointing for the $25 I paid for it.

Why $25? Well, I paid $15 for tickets for Bethany and myself. She didn’t have any money, so with me being the nice guy I am, I paid for her. I wasn’t happy about it, but I still did it. Then, about halfway through the movie, Melissa turns to me and says, “Hey, you should go get some popcorn.” I basically laughed in her face and told her to get some herself. But of course, she didn’t have any money with her since she had gotten free passes from Zeth – since he works at the theatre. I kept telling her…Continue Reading

Females: Can’t Live Without ‘Em, Can’t Make More Without ‘Em

Today was slightly interesting. I mean, no one got bombed by kamikaze fighter jets, and no one got hung upside down by their toenails and tickled until their toes fell off. But still, it was a little out of the ordinary. First off was Math, which makes little sense to anyone in the class, including Mr. C. Next we had a fifteen-minute English class, with the second half after lunch. Basically, the reasoning for that was because we had people from New Brunswick Bible Institute coming in for chapel at the end of the day, but we also had a fixed time schedule for swimming that Mr. G couldn’t just change. So, after fifteen minutes of English, it was off to swimming, where I studied the Biology study notes that I had spent about two hours on last night.

Lunch was about as usual, and then during the second half of English, we split up into our groups and talked about the sonnet we chose. I’m really not big on sonnets; they’re pretty useless, if you ask me. Then again, examining any type of poem that closely is pretty useless in my opinion. Anyway, Beth, Lana, and I went to the lunch room and supposedly worked on our sonnet. In reality, we maybe mentioned the word “sonnet” twice at most. Beth and Lana apparently had some “guy problems” that they needed to talk about, so we just sat around and talked. I didn’t really care. I didn’t feel much like…Continue Reading

Pesky, Pesky Females

Once again, I am at a loss for words. Besides all of my words being twisted around to mean something they didn’t actually mean, nothing much happened today. If you want an example of this, you need look no further than Steph herself. Somehow girls have the annoying ability to take everything – and I mean everything – the wrong way. A while ago, on a blog far, far away (actually, on this blog, April 2nd, 2005), I was writing about how she was pestering me to know who I liked, and the funny thing was that “I really don’t even have anyone I like.” That’s an exact quote. And somehow she tried to make that seem that the “really” meant that it wasn’t “really” and that there actually is someone I like. Then, to prove her point, she used this: “I mean, I have a few girls that I wouldn’t mind going out with, but I’m not obsessed with anyone. I would like some if they liked me, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to get them to. And some of them were there last night, too.” She then said that since “some of them were there,” that implies that I liked someone that was there. But she managed to miss the entire point of the paragraph, which was that I don’t like anyone. But still, a month later, she can’t understand it. This frustrates me.

I cannot stand how women turn everything around to mean…Continue Reading

Being Nice, Self-Defense

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Today was Be Nice To Melissa Day for me. It was also Be Nice To Jeff Day for her. Yesterday we agreed to be nice to each other for one day. Boy, that was a struggle. I think we both screwed up at least a couple times, but I suppose it was fun. I’m looking forward to being able to burn her really bad tomorrow, though. Insert the maniacal laugh of your choice here.

I’m starting to really hate Law classes. Lana suddenly gets these ideas to put all the desks in a semicircle for no apparent reason, and then sits beside me so she can knock all the books off my desk constantly – again, for no apparent reason. Last time it was Lana and Holly that pushed them off. This time it was Lana and Bethany. Yes, Bethany Stewart, the person who at one point wouldn’t hurt a fly. My, I’ve brought her up well. She’s now almost as violent as me – except I can never get her to even punch me. It’s pretty funny actually. She’ll hit Zac when he disses her, and then I’ll diss her and she’ll just get mad. I can already see the puppy love forming toward me. Excuse me while I go throw up.

Where was I? Oh yes, people pushing stuff off my desk. This behaviour is similar to the other times when I’ve been attacked by girls that try and put my hair in a ponytail or try to…Continue Reading