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The Final Conversation

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As your face flickered onto my screen, I could see you looked tired. I had called you on Skype for Mother’s Day. You had just been talking with Jennifer, and Dad said you were very tired. But truth be told, you looked worse than tired. You looked like someone struggling to keep up with a conversation that had turned into a foreign language. Nods and occasional whispers were all you could muster. But it was Mother’s Day, and your son was calling.

Dad and I spent most of the time talking. You sat resting, your eyes occasionally fluttering open, but mostly I couldn’t even tell if you were even awake. Dad and I chatted about all the usual things: How school was going, what I had been up to, what the weather was like here and over there. All the while we danced around the biggest topic, the one that all of us knew concerned us most but for which there was nothing left to say. The tumour in your brain was at the helm now, and we were sailing the sea of inevitability toward an end no one wanted to reach. There was no turning back, no slowing down. There was only the time it would take, and no more. So what else was there to say?Continue Reading

Frustrations Galore

Sometimes people are stupid. And sometimes that doesn’t bother me. Other times it really does. Right now I’m in a pretty good mood; I’ve been that way all day. But there are some days that people just bug me.

Lately my family’s been getting on my nerves – more than usual, that is. I mean, usually they’re annoying, but I can handle it, and it’s no big deal. But in the past little while, they’ve been more annoying than usual, and it’s been all I can do some days to just keep myself from blowing up. I love them, and so I don’t want to hurt them by suddenly freaking out on them, but sometimes it’s very hard to keep from doing that.

Take, for example, Sunday night. Angelie, Jordan, and I were standing around after youth discussing where to go, since it was only like 8:00 or something and none of us really wanted to go home. My mom comes into the gym and asks me what I’m doing; I tell her that I don’t know, but that we’re working on it. She tells me that she wants to know in five minutes what I’m doing, because she wanted to leave – that was fair enough considering the youth service had gone late and they had stayed around waiting for me. Anyways, we decided to go to Wendy’s, and since Jordan needed money and I wanted to just let my parents go home, Jordan went to call his parents…Continue Reading

Sociality 101

I’ve been on a killing spree today. All day, I’ve been going around killing people. I’ve had people to help me, but I was in charge of the whole thing. I’m not even sure how many people I’ve killed just today. It must be in at least the hundreds. And the funny thing is that all the people I’ve killed were midgets. Come to think of it, all the people that helped me kill them were midgets as well.

Man, I love video games. All day I’ve been playing Age of Empires II, this great game where you have control of any one of a number of different civilizations from the Middle Ages. It’s an awesome game, and the only game that has continued to keep my interest. I’ve gotten into other games before, but none have kept my interest for that long. Second place would probably go to The Sims, but Age of Empires definitely wins over that one by a long shot. There’s something to be said for sending a whole ton of cavaliers into a town and just obliterating the entire place – people and buildings. The Koreans are especially dangerous, with their heavily armoured Turtle Ships (the cool looking ones with the spikes on the outside) and their War Wagons that fire massive arrows out of a wagon pulled by horses. It’s an amazing feeling to seize control of a massive army of both land-based and sea-based units, and simultaneously coordinate a land and sea battle…Continue Reading

Yesterday (Such A Gripping Title, Eh?)

Oh my! I missed a day. That’s horrible! Well, okay, not really. But anyways. I’ll just talk about yesterday and make up for it with two today (the second one talking about today, of course).

Yesterday I headed off to church; that was fine and dandy. Then after church I went home with the Tozers and stayed there until my parents and my uncle got there as well. I had no clue that we were doing this until they told me yesterday, but apparently we were all supposed to be going over to the Tozers for a Christmas celebration with Uncle Bob. So my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Faye were over there as well, along with their daughter, Corinne. Jordan and I played around with Bethany’s digital camera most of the afternoon, making movies where we punch each other and throw pillows and stuff. It was hilarious. We’d shake hands and say, “Good game,” and then one of us would slap the other person or something. Such great times.

We were having fun with those movies until our aunts and uncles kicked us out of the family room so they could discuss my grandma’s will. So we headed down to the basement and started making more movies down there. We found this little leopard backpack thing and then started making it rap to Eminem and stuff. We’d just set the camera down on a table or something and then Jordan would play guitar and I’d move the leopard. It was…Continue Reading

Ottawa Recap

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Well, I just got back from my trip to Ottawa. I don’t think it was exactly what I was expecting, but it was fun all the same, I suppose. I had expected it to be more of a vacation and less of meeting relatives, but some of that was a little unplanned anyways. Let me run down what happened.

Day 1 – SundayThe Tozers had told me they would pick me up at my house at 10:00 AM. I called at about 11:00 when they still hadn’t shown up. It turns out they hadn’t slept most of the night and then decided to sleep in and just leave later. No problem, except they could have told me. Oh well, so Bethany told me they would be there about 11:45. They showed up half an hour later at 12:15 and we were off. It was about a 7-hour trip up there, taking a little longer than usual due to weather and traffic conditions. My Great-Aunt Iona lives in a small town outside of Ottawa called Manotick. Of course, as I mentioned previously, she was in Florida, so we were to have the house all to ourselves. That’s not really the way it worked out, but I’ll get to that later.

When we got there, my second cousins Carrie and Sherrie (I’m not really sure how you spell their names, but it’s close enough anyways) and their families were there to let us in. We got partially unpacked and ate some lasagna…Continue Reading


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I’m pretty dead right now. I’ve worked three days in a row now, and I think I get a break until like Tuesday or something. Anyways, I could have gone to a punk concert or something tonight, but it started at 7 and I got off work at 7:30. I could have still gone, but as I stated, I’m pretty dead right now.

So, sitting here still smelling like subs (that’s a lot of S’s), I’ve got time to think. My brain is still pretty active, it’s just my body that won’t work well. Basically it’s just my fingers that still function; I’m not quite sure how I’m going to walk up the stairs when I eventually go to bed, but I’ll solve that problem somehow. Anyways, I’m just going to pick something and talk about it, because this is my blog, and I decide what goes on here. If you don’t like it, screw you. I mean that in the nicest way possible 🙂 So yeah. Let’s see here. Something to talk about. Aaah, I have a good topic: siblings.

Ever notice how usually people who are only children want a brother or sister, and everyone who has one would gladly sell them to that person for a small fee? It’s pretty ridiculous when you think about it. I mean, if you had one sibling and you sold sold them, you’d be an only child. Would you start wanting them back again? Chances are you would, no matter how…Continue Reading