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Haircuts and Jobless Frustrations

Well, I finally got a haircut. It’s not exactly what I was wanting, but I suppose it’s what I got. I guess it’s not too bad; but I’m not sure if I’m just telling myself that to calm myself down or whether it’s actually not too bad. I guess it’s what I have, though, so I have to live with it for a while. I went into the barber shop today and told the guy to take an inch or an inch and a half off, especially from the back. This is the guy that I haven’t been to since I had short hair. So he went and started clipping away with his scissors, and I began to look more and more bald – or less and less hairy, take your pick. Then he went and sprayed water all over it so I couldn’t even tell what it really looked like, and continued to trim and get everything the same length. I didn’t really see what it looked like until I got home and messed up my hair a bit to dry it off.

Now I’m frustrated. It’s way shorter than I wanted. I swear that guy only knows how to do one hairstyle. I think it still looks better than I used to have it, but I still don’t like it all the same. I’m pretty much never going back to that guy ever again – my dad can keep going there, that’s fine with me, but I’m going…Continue Reading

Bluenotes Interview

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This is just a short update to talk about the interview at Bluenotes today. I think it went fairly well. I got there a little early, so I just “browsed” the store, looking at some of the shirts until the manager was available. We went out of the store to a bench in the mall hallway and had the interview there. She seemed fairly nice and friendly, but she was also very confident – two qualities that make a good manager. She asked me some questions, and I think I answered them fairly well, without stumbling over my words or anything stupid like that. One questions kind of threw me off a bit; she asked if I was comfortable working with a lot of girls. She went on to explain that she was looking for more male staff, because even though the majority of the shoppers in the store are female, there are a lot of males as well. I said I was fine with working with females, and she said, “Alright, that’s fine. Just some guys think of it as a big social event, and other ones get all intimidated and don’t really want to talk to a girl about their jeans.” I was going to explain that the majority of my friends were female, but she really didn’t give me a chance to say that. Oh well.

Overall, I think the interview went quite well. She said that she was very busy right now, with about 40 interviews…Continue Reading

Oh So Rummy

My blog has been getting monotonous lately. I’ve gone over to the Staats’ house almost every day this week or something (at least I think so, though I’ve lost track of what day it is). Last night, I was just enjoying a nice time at home (bored to death), when I was very rudely interrupted by a phone call from Melissa. She said that I should come over. I figured, “What the heck? I might as well. I’m bored out of my mind right now.” I went downstairs and asked for the car, telling my parents where I was headed. My mom was just like, “Why do you like that house so much?” I told her it was because stuff actually happened there. All my parents do is read the news, argue about work, and watch westerns on TV. It’s not exactly the most exciting. And they wonder why I spend so much time on the computer talking to my friends.

So anyways, I headed over to the Staats’ house and soon got involved in a game of Rummy-o with the three Staats sisters. I had no clue how to play the game, and they had the most horribly screwed up way of explaining it, so it took me about half the game to actually understand how to play. They were trying to convince me that 11 plus 12 plus 13 equaled 30, and I was trying to think up which law of mathematics they had to break to make…Continue Reading

Job Hunting

I’m tired. It’s strange how job hunting is so tiring, even though you really don’t do much. The entire day, I’ve basically been working on resumes and such. In the morning, I was printing out cover letters and resumes and putting them in envelopes. Then I figured out which places I was going to and in which order. Then, in the afternoon, I took the car and drove around the city, basically going in a big loop. I headed down Brantwood, turned right onto Lynden Rd. and stopped at the Tim Horton’s there, then continued down to Future Shop. After that, I turned left on Wayne Gretzky Parkway and crossed the parking lot into Super A Video, then crossed West St. to the Tim Horton’s on the other side of the road. After that, I headed to Williams (who I know are hiring), and then went back to Wayne Gretzky again and travelled all the way down to Colborne St. I turned right and headed to Jumbo Video, then kept going down to Brant Ave. and then onto St. Paul, which turns into King George Rd. While on that road, I stopped in at Rogers Video, Blockbuster, and Tim Horton’s. I continued down King George until I got to Wal-Mart, and dropped off my final resume there. Then I headed down Powerline and home. It was like a massive loop, and I was proud of how smoothly it went considering my horrible directional skills. I was thinking I was going…Continue Reading

Rolling in the Dough

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I like numbers. I don’t really know why, but I always have had a specialty in dealing with numbers. I guess it just comes naturally to me, I don’t know. But anyways, since money is dealt with in numbers, I also like dealing with money. So yesterday and today (off and on, not the whole day of course) I’ve been figuring out how much money I have, how much I’ve spent, and on what. I’ve got some figures that I just feel like sharing, so I will. First off, I work at Quizno’s which pays once every two weeks (I will refer to it as bi-weekly, even though that means twice a week, but it’s much easier to say). I’ve been working there for just over three months now, so that gives a good rough guide to base my numbers on. Actually, if you want to get technical, my first and my latest paychecks were three months and six days apart, but it’s close enough. Oh yeah, and that adds up to eight paychecks once every two weeks, with the latest being October 29th. I actually just got one today but I didn’t include that since that would just screw everything up. ANYWAYS.

So here we go. In three months I’ve made $1332.63 net – that’s with deductions already removed. I’ve worked 186.75 hours, so that works out to an average of $166.58 and 23.34h bi-weekly, or $444.21 and 62.25h monthly. Not bad I suppose; it’s not what a brain…Continue Reading