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This Post Is of No Importance

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Well, happy Easter Sunday everyone! I must admit, I’m not feeling in the happy mood today, though. While it likely partially has to do with being woken up at 6:50 AM to go to the 8:00 Sunrise Service, there’s also some other reasons why I’m not very happy. More on that later.

The service started at 8:00 and I was on Powerpoint, so I had to get all the songs ready while still feeling groggy. After that, a lady spoke for a few minutes. I forget who she was – she was introduced, of course, but I forget what church she was from. After she spoke, everyone headed over to the Brantford Mall to watch The Passion of the Christ at the Cineplex Odeon theatre. Our church had set that up with the theatre people, and also set up The Prince of Egypt for the kids in another theatre since The Passion of the Christ is rated 18A and is pretty gory. I wasn’t really interested in watching the movie. Although I’m sure it would likely be powerful for me to watch, I also don’t need to be watching all that violence. I mean, I could probably handle it, but I don’t want to handle it. I’ve seen some pretty gory movies before, and I didn’t like watching them at all. The Hostage wasn’t that gory of a movie, but one guy gets a knife stabbed through his cheek, and you see him pull it out. He then later lights…Continue Reading

Good Friday

Well, today is Good Friday. My family went over to New Covenant for the Good Friday service, and later on we’ll be going to the Tozers’ house for dinner. That should be pretty good. Anyways, I’m still not in too much of a talking mood, so that’s all I’ll say about that. Obviously I could go on and on about what Christ did for me, remembered on this day, but as I’ve written about it in school and thought about it many times, I really don’t feel like writing it out all over again. Needless to say, though, I’m thankful. Sometimes I wish I’d remember this sort of thing all year round, rather than only at Easter-time. It just doesn’t really seem real the rest of the time. ‘Tis a challenge, to be sure.

I’ve been playing a game I found online called Cybertrek for the past few days. It’s a puzzle game involving several different approaches to solving riddles. A lot of the puzzles are math-based, but which can only really be solved using a programming language of some sort. They provide a free demo of their SiMPLE codebase, but I didn’t feel like downloading and learning a new language just for a game. I’d much rather use PHP, a language which I already know and which functions very similarly anyway. But anyways, a lot of the riddles have to do with prime numbers and perfect squares, which makes for a challenge. So far I’ve been successful with those.…Continue Reading

Happenings of National Concern

Today was a day. Take a moment and reread the previous sentence to let its full profound meaning sink in. Not much happened. Tomorrow’s Good Friday. In English today, we wrote a letter to God, thanking Him for what He did during this time. I didn’t really feel like writing, but I definitely filled up the page on that one.

In other news, my sister’s home for Easter. Yesterday was her birthday, and I suspect that we’ll likely be going out for supper tonight to celebrate. Yay. I’m excited. (Caution: Extreme sarcasm in effect. Do not operate heavy machinery.) I was basically forced by my parents to buy her a present, so while I was out buying my mp3 player, I found the Bourne Supremacy DVD. I find it’s always easier to spend a little more money than you’d usually spend when you’re buying something expensive already. And at least it’s a DVD that I won’t mind watching – it’s an awesome movie.

That’s all I want to say. I’m not in the mood for writing right now. Bacon rocks. Over and out.…

The Principles of Peter

Today was definitely an interesting day. I wouldn’t say it was overly exciting or full of intrigue and mystery, but it wasn’t dull and boring either. The most interesting part was Gym class, playing basketball. We were at Bethel Baptist Church, which has a gym approximately the size of my thumb (slight exaggeration there), so we had ten people on the court at a time trying not to run over each other to get the ball. It was more of a massacre than anything else, since no one was really playing “basketball” in the traditional sense. Since the gym was so small, it was more of a “throw the ball all the way down while everyone else tries to intercept it, then do the same” kind of game. Still fun, but nowhere near real basketball, which we’ll roughly be playing at the tournament tomorrow. It’s obvious that most people on both the guy’s and girl’s teams have never played basketball, because half of them have no clue about travelling or double-dribbling, let alone more “complex” concepts such as up-and-down or over-and-back. I think they’re more focused on trying to dribble the ball or look for an open person (even if the person’s on the other team) to worry about concepts like that.

Anyways, as long as we have fun at the basketball tournament, that’s all that really matters. Mr. Gillmore hasn’t put any pressure on the teams at all to win; he’s just told us to do our best and…Continue Reading