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Last night was pretty cool. A couple days ago, Vince called me and we decided to hang out yesterday and go see the movie Constantine. That was cool, until I remembered that I had told Bethany I’d go over to her house for youth that night. Whoops. Oh well, I made the best of it.

I first called Vince and asked if he wanted to come to Bethany’s house. He thought that was alright, and we decided to go see the later showing at 9:40 PM so we could hang out at her house for a while. I then went upstairs and asked my dad if I could have the car to go to the Tozer’s house and then to a movie with Vince. He thought that was fine, but then I had to ask the bigger of the two questions, “Could I drive Vince there so his parents don’t have to come all the way over to the Tozer’s house to drive him there separately?” My dad finally relented after all this time and let me drive someone else around that wasn’t a family member.

That’s not to say that I haven’t already done that. I’ve driven Jordan, Angelie, and Kristy around a few times, just because there was no other way to do things, really. I mean, there’s no point in me driving home alone after youth and making the Tozer’s drive across the city to drop Kristy off at her house when she lives like just a…Continue Reading


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This is horrible! What could I have ever done to deserve this? My entire life is ruined! Nnnnooooo!!!

Yes, my sister’s back home from university. Scary thought, I know, but I’m going to take it like a man and…hide in my basement. Seriously though, Bethany, her, and myself went out to go Christmas shopping (I hate shopping, but it needs to be done sometime I suppose). My sister drives ssssooooo slow. And we stopped off at Tim Horton’s and Dollarama, and afterwards I drove to the mall and she was criticizing everything I did. “You’re going too fast, slow down.” “Stop following the car that closely.” “Watch for pedestrians in the parking lot here.” Just for the record, I have driven more than my sister has. I also have driven more in the Taurus than she has, so I know how big the car is, etc. She parked at Tim Horton’s – crooked. I reparked it the right way, and I also parked it perfectly in the mall parking lot – the first time. And she’s criticizing my driving skills?…