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Well, I don’t have much to talk about today, so I’ll keep it short. Last night was pretty fun. I went to youth, and it was pretty awesome. Meagan was back from Scotland, so she told us all about her missions trip there and such, squeezing a thirty minute, five point sermon into about ten minutes. Afterwards, a bunch of us went to Tim Hortons, and we sat there and did nothing until we figured out something else to do. Kristin, Michelle, and Bethany wanted to walk to Michelle’s house, so they left, leaving Steph, Kristy, Jonathan, and me at Tim Hortons to drive over whenever we felt like it. We walked over to Zehrs first, though, and picked up the pictures that Steph and Kristy were getting copied. They must have about ten million pictures by now, but I guess they need them.

After that, we went back to my car, and Jonathan left in his van to go home so he could get up at the crack of dawn to go to his job that he has roofing houses. He could pass for a Mexican these days with the tan that he has. But anyways, I drove Steph and Kristy to Kristy’s house so they could get some stuff, and then found out that they needed even more photos copied or something. That put the total up to ten million, six hundred thousand and thirty-three, but whatever. I drove them over to the other Zehrs at the Brantford…Continue Reading

Long Point!

Well, I’ve got a lot to talk about, so I might as well get started. I’ll begin with last night, since that’s first chronologically – yesterday obviously comes before today, in case you haven’t noticed. Wow. I’m a genius. Anyways, last night I headed over to Jessica’s house for the graduation party there. It really wasn’t all that great. Not many people were there, since some had already been there and gone, so it was basically some of the Grade 9s, Jael, and me. I played a bit of volleyball and badminton outside, but it was just so hot outside that I had to get indoors. Some of the people went to the pool, but considering how I have drowning tendencies, I decided to stay away from that.

Inside, I found Bas, Jon, Jessica, and Sarah watching The Road to El Dorado. It’s that cartoon animated movie (I think it’s Disney, isn’t it?). It wasn’t all that great, although I suppose it was good for a cartoon movie. During that, supper was prepared, and we had a nice feast of burgers, hot dogs, and various salads and such. After the movie was over, Jessica got her brother to set up the X-Box for us. I was kind of puzzled as to why he needed to set it up, since it’s really not that hard, but I soon found out that it hadn’t been used in ages, and the discs were pretty scratched up or something. So, he spent about five…Continue Reading

June Jam and Boy Bands

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Well, the June Jam last night wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. It was a little strange; still not bad, but definitely different than what I anticipated. It was $5 to get in at the door, and then you got a coupon with a number in order to get prizes. I also got a door prize – a Napoleon Dynamite pin that says, “I see you’re drinking 1%.” I thought that was pretty cool. Anyways, we got in the auditorium, and then Pastor Rob welcomed us and stuff. They gave away all the prizes right at the beginning, though, which I thought was weird. If I were them, I would have given away some little ones at the beginning, then some more in the middle, and the big prizes (like the PlayStation 2 and the GameCube) right at the very end, so there was more anticipation. It was just anti-climactic giving them all away at the beginning. Oh well. Jordan won a “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt, which was cool.

After that, the band came up – I forget exactly what they were called; it was like Affirmative Display or something. They had a guitarist, a bass guitarist, a drummer, a saxophone player, and a violin player. It was really strange. I didn’t exactly like the violin – this guy was trying to do crazy solos on the thing, when it’d just be a whole lot easier to teach him to play guitar, and it’d sound a lot better too. Violins…Continue Reading

Staring Strangers

Today was certainly an unusual day in some respects. I mean, school was, for the most part, as usual, but it’s not every day that we get a new student. Yes sir, today Melissa started coming to the school. Considering I already know her, it wasn’t all that necessary for me to introduce myself to her or anything, but it was still just strange seeing her there. So, if you’re reading this Melissa, consider this my official welcome to the school for you. Now don’t ever expect me to do anything nice for you again. (Just kidding, of course. I’m nice, and you know it.)

Other than that, everything was normal for the most part. I decided to get off the bus at Dunsdon St. and walk from there since it was nice outside and such. On my way home, I started to look at the people in the cars going by. It’s kind of funny, really. If you’re out walking some time, you should try this too. Just watch the people in the cars. It’s been my experience that most of the people driving by will look at you. I mean, it’s not like there’s all that much to look at with me. If the majority of the people were women, then I could draw a correlation, but a lot of men driving looked over at me, and I doubt that all of those men are gay. It’s just not very likely. But I find myself doing this too.…Continue Reading

Road Trip!

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Last night was pretty fun. At school, Bethany asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with her in Cambridge – she was going with Anita and Jordan, although Jordan didn’t end up going. I told her I’d think about it, but later I got back to her and said I wasn’t really interested, considering I’m not really wanting to hang out with her and Anita (no offense, but they’d be hyper and everything and I wouldn’t be), I wasn’t interested in the band playing, and I didn’t want to spend the money.

So, instead, I opted for a cheaper alternative and went over to Steph’s house. She had told me a bunch of people were coming over from her youth group, and said I could come if I wanted. I told her I might, depending on whether I could get the car. Since she lives out in Vanessa – the middle of nowhere – I thought I might be able to convince my parents to let me take the car. And you know what? They did! It was awesome. I mean, I still can’t believe that I can drive. I can’t believe even more that my parents are actually letting me drive. They’ve totally relaxed on their rules about the car, which is amazing.

So I took the car out for a half-hour drive and finally got to her house. I was the first one there, just because my dad told me to go while it was…Continue Reading

The Mountain Climb

As I sit here, I’m at a loss for words about what to say today. School was average, nothing exciting or interesting happened today, and I have no major issues or concerns to talk about. Everything’s just at a precarious balance right now, I suppose. Everyone seemed to generally be in a good mood today, with a few individual exceptions, but the mood of the classroom was fairly cheerful. We were all just joking around and laughing, something which doesn’t always happen, but perhaps it has something to do with spring coming along. Then again, when I went outside after school to catch the bus, it was snowing and windy. That wasn’t very fun. But I’m still glad that spring is on its way and I can finally get out of my winter coat – or at least, I will be able to soon, once I can be sure that it’s not suddenly going to snow like today.

I’m feeling better about this whole North Park thing for the most part. Last night I got reminded that I can get my full G license in June, and I had completely forgotten about that. I’m going to have to book that sometime soon, but my sole focus has been school for next year, so it hadn’t even crossed my mind. I can’t say that I’m too eager to do a test like that, considering that June is when I’m supposed to enroll for North Park, and I’m going to be trying…Continue Reading

Car Rides, Movies, and Nose-Blowing

Wow, what a night it was last night, and what a day it was today. I wouldn’t say it was crazy, but it was definitely getting up there. Last night after youth, people decided to go over to Nathan’s house. Don’t worry – he and his parents were fine with it, we made sure of that first. So since I had my car there, I had to get directions to his house and drive Jordan, Bethany, Angelie, and Anita to the house. That was crazy, let me tell you. That is the most people I’ve ever driven around at once. I mean, it really doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve never done it before. The most I’ve ever driven around (besides family) is two people, so to have a full car was something new. This whole driving my friends around is completely new to me. I mean, it only started about a week or two ago when Vince and I went to a movie and my dad actually let me pick him up and drive him. Before then I was never allowed to drive anyone else in the car (although I must admit that I did anyways sometimes).

So that was interesting. I remember getting out of the car after I parked (first time parallel parking since my G2 road test, although I just basically pulled up behind a car, so it wasn’t too hard) and thinking, “Wow. This is awesome! I love driving my friends around!” We went inside…Continue Reading