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I don’t remember much of what happened today. It’s all just a blur, really. I remember having three classes before lunch and barely making it that long without nourishment. I remember having World Religions presentations with candy being thrown at me. I remember my daily process of dissing people. But I don’t remember any of the specific things I said, really. Then there was lunch, which I only have distant memories of, and at the end of the day was chapel. It was really bad today. I was playing my bass, but Zac decided to play all hymns. He had five picked out, and then Stephanie was actually quite rude and basically took over. We only ended up singing two of the songs. But when we were playing, Steph would start out at a good speed for singing, and then Zac would get mad at the fact that it was too slow and speed it up for a good guitar speed. It sounded really bad. I’m going to have to tell Zac that the point is to sing – the guitar is just accompaniment. We’re not putting on a concert, we’re worshipping God. Then again, I should likely talk to Steph as well and tell her that if she doesn’t agree with something, she should at least argue in private either before or after rather than taking charge about ten seconds before starting. Power struggle, anyone?

That’s about all I remember about today. There was no semblance of order to…Continue Reading