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8 Courses Every School Should Teach

Education is crucial to the functioning of a strong, healthy society, because today’s modern society is built upon knowledge and information. And during our many, many years of education, we learn math, science, history, English, art, health, and more. These are all good things, and important for a well-rounded education. But in amongst this smorgasbord of studying, there are several topics that are generally not covered that I think are important for every school to teach. Some of these might not need an entire course to cover them, but at the very least, these are topics that I think every school should be sure to include in their curricula—preferably as early as possible. Let me share with you my thoughts.Continue Reading

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Defenders of Normality

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The world is full to the brim with limitless variety, and humans themselves have boundless diversity. But many people have some concept of what is “normal” that selects a small slice of this diversity and nothing else. In and of itself, categorizing things this way is not harmful; however, usually the concept of “normal” is accompanied by a condemnation of what is “abnormal”. And when people are pressured to be “normal” and any deviance is denigrated as “weird” or “strange”, the social ostracism and identity conflict that this can produce can bring immense psychological suffering. It hurts to be abnormal.Continue Reading

Access and Accessibility

For the past few days, I’ve been hard at work creating a personal website for myself. It’s sort of like a portfolio, but a little more flexible than just that. I wanted a place to tie together everything that I do online into one spot. So, in lieu of an “official” announcement, here is my new personal website. It’s still somewhat of a work in progress, but for about two days of work, I think it looks pretty good. Because I now have webspace, I will likely be moving this blog there, so you can likely expect some changes in the next few days.Continue Reading