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The Power of Prayer

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I’m not sure what to write about today. I already talked about what I did yesterday in the last entry, so I’m fresh out of days about which to write. I mean, that doesn’t mean I can’t write about anything, but it cuts down on the number of options I have. Work last night was alright; it was fairly busy, and I saw lots of people I knew. There was a group of losers from Central there (I say they’re losers because they’re friends with me), as well as Lars and I think Mark by themselves, though they’re from Central as well. I also saw Jenelle, who used to work at Quizno’s when I did, and we talked for a few seconds – I couldn’t talk for long just because it was busy. She told me about the Quizno’s party that I missed, and I said that Kim had told me. But apparently they’re having another one, so perhaps I can come to that one. The only thing that I’d have a problem with is if there’s drinking there. However, since they all liked me when I was there, I think they’d respect me enough to not try to shove it in my face or something stupid like that.

It was raining yesterday; quite windy as well. I was watching TV when suddenly the signal started breaking up. It was really annoying. Eventually it just cut out entirely, so I turned it off and went upstairs. I’m glad I did,…Continue Reading