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World in the shape of a heart

The Way Forward

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With the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the news media have every day brought us yet more information. More stories. More pictures. More heartache. The stories of children huddled in closets and teachers reassuring and protecting them, of victims’ families finding themselves facing a Christmas of mourning rather than joy, of gifts unopened and family gatherings missing their youngest member…it is all heart-wrenching. I don’t often find myself overwhelmed with emotion, but reading these stories has left me with tears in my eyes almost every morning. The lives of children, brimming with potential waiting to be unleashed, have been cut short. And as the families of these little victims weep, the world weeps with them.Continue Reading

Just A Few More Posts About Death

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Alright, I realize the last few posts have basically been about death and dying, but it’s been on my mind for the past few days since everything has been about preparing for the funeral and such. Visitation was tonight. It went pretty well, I suppose. Of course, it was pretty boring, but I expected that. Jordan and I just sat on the couch there and talked to anyone who came over to us. Not many did, but oh well. The visitation was from 7-9, two hours, and I’d say about 30 people came. There was also the visitation earlier this afternoon that I didn’t go to.

I saw a few people I knew, a few people I had met once or twice, a few people from our old church and Grandma’s old church, Evangel, and a few people I hadn’t seen in years. There was one person that was the son of Grandma’s hairstylist. I’m not quite sure why he was there, but he seemed to talk to just about everyone, including Jordan and myself. I also met the Parkinsons, whom I haven’t seen in who knows how long. They go to Evangel, so I haven’t seen them in likely about 10 years.

All in all, visitation was pretty good. People just met up and chatted about old times, catching up for all those years they missed between funerals. It’s pretty sad when you only see each other at funerals. Is that the only time adults get together or something?…Continue Reading


A thought hit me today that really put me in a sombre mood. During lunch, as Zac was talking to no one in particular about the animals on his farm, I realized that I have no grandparents still living. All four have died, and I’m only 17. You know how sick of a feeling that is? Everyone else still has a few or even all of their grandparents still alive. Grandparents are such awesome people, because they love you like their children, but you usually only see them enough that they keep a special place in their mind. They’re like your second set of parents, but yet going to their house is a vacation from home and a fun time. And although there never seemed to be anything interesting to do at my grandparents’ homes, I still enjoyed going over there because it was still different than being at home. I’d find something to keep my interest and have a great time; because although everything seemed to be old, there was so much of it that something was bound to be of interest.

But now that’s all gone. All four of my grandparents have passed away, the first being when I was 6 I believe. And it’s mostly because of the age at which they had children and the age that my parents had children. There’s a big gap in between, and so my parents and grandparents are above the age that seemed to be “normal,” at least among my…Continue Reading

Some More Thoughts

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This has been a strange day. I feel sometimes as if I’m forcing myself to be sad about my grandmother’s death. After all, I haven’t seen her in a few years, and only sometimes is the topic brought up. It’s a strange feeling, because I know I’m supposed to be sad, but really the sadness already passed a long time ago, seeing her in a state of confusion. Everyone knew that this point was coming, and I really haven’t seen a lot of tears shed. It’s mostly been a lot of planning for the funeral and such – of course, the Hughes family is like that already, planning out everything, but I’m talking about it being abnormally so. Everyone seems to be resigned to the facts and, while sad, more concerned with handling this last stage of my grandma’s life.

They’ve really been handling her life for a while now. At first, my aunts were working to get all the legal stuff set up to become my grandma’s powers of attorney and handle her estate and such. Once they got her into the nursing home (after she fell and was hospitalized – a blessing really, because it made transitioning her into the nursing home so much easier), they sold off the house and divided most of the stuff that was inside between the four children, leaving some for their mother for in her room, of course. It’s always been a methodical process since. I mean, they’ve visited her and such,…Continue Reading

Sad News

Sad news today. Last night my grandma passed away in the nursing home. She was 88, and was diagnosed a few years earlier with Alzheimer’s Disease. We put her into the nursing home a few years ago because of the disease, since she was starting to lose comprehension and misplacing things, etc.

Sometimes death is the event that makes people contemplate the most. It makes people wonder about an afterlife and what happens once one’s physical body gives up the fight. My grandma’s death, for me, was a few years back. I’ve never seen her since she’s been in the nursing home. My parents haven’t suggested it simply because it might, perhaps, bring back some memory for her and make her want to go home. At least, that was the reason they gave. I suspect they probably partially wanted to protect me from seeing her like that. I’ve heard some of what she was like, sitting in a chair phrasing incomprehensible sentences. It was a struggle to know if she actually understood what you were saying. So to me, my grandma, while still alive, was virtually dead a few years back when she moved into the nursing home. It’s not a great thing to say, but it’s the truth.

My sadness is not so much for the death of my grandma. I know she was a Christian and is in Heaven right now. Right now she’s not having trouble putting words together. She lived a full life and, though she…Continue Reading