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The Music Saga Continues

Nothing much happened today. I’m starting to realize the magnitude of the task I’ve set out to do. As I logged into this morning, it suddenly hit me that I need 2,300,000 points. And right now I have about 21,000 points. So, that’s only 2,279,000 points to go.

I figure there’s a few ways I could go about this. Every day when I log in, I get points, starting at 25 and increasing by one point each day until I hit 100. So if I assume that every day I get 100 points, it will take me 22,790 days to get the rest of the points. No biggie. That’s only 62 and a half years. I just hope I live long enough to do that. And besides, by the time I get enough points to get my iPod, they won’t exist anymore.

On the other hand, I get 2,000 points for each person I refer to the site. That means I only have to refer 1,140 people to get it. While I could go about making thousands of fake email addresses to refer to the site, I might crash the Hotmail servers by the sheer enormosity of the project. It’d cost Hotmail thousands of dollars to get new servers to cope with the increased strain from all the thousands of email addresses that get made, receive one email, and then just sit there. Heh. No wonder they cancel your account after 30 or 60 days or something.

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