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Oh. My. Goodness.

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Okay, I just have to blog this before I head off to bed to die. I got to work at about 4:45 since my shift started at 5, and I saw that it was majorly busy. Since we just released a new bunch of coupons, everyone’s just decided, “Hey, let’s go to Quizno’s since we have these coupons!” I will never again doubt the mind of a marketer.

I ended up starting my shift about ten minutes early because I could see that everyone was rushing around to get everyone’s orders done. Within about ten seconds of when I walked back behind the counter, Rory asked me to get some stuff for him. And so it continued. There never really was a dinner rush like there normally is. It was more of a rush rush, where everyone just keeps coming in and there’s no end. Within about 10 minutes I knew it was going to be a horrible night. But alas, I didn’t even know half of what was going to happen.

Rory was only supposed to work until 7:00. But he decided, being the nice guy he is (and I’m not joking about that, he’s an awesome dude), to stay and help us out since we were still busy by the time 7:00 rolled around. He signed out so Paul wouldn’t get mad about paying extra, and then just stayed and did dishes and all the stuff we hadn’t had time to do while Kyle and I served customers.…Continue Reading

Quizno’s Fun

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I love opening on Sundays. It’s usually so slow, with hardly any customers, so there’s lots of time to get what you need to do done, and then have lots of time left over to let your imagination fly around crazily all over the store. It’s usually not possible to do that any other day at work.

So today it was just Kyle and me opening the store up. We did everything we had to do and then had lots of time to do nothing. Kyle’s kind of eccentric, so he gets side-tracked every once in a while. We started looking around the store and finding all these strange things that we never knew about. For example, there’s stuff everywhere at the backs of shelves and on top of the fridges that you never see until you go looking. We found a bunch of cool signs and stuff on top of the fridge, and we looked on top of the freezer – unfortunately, there wasn’t really much up there that was interesting, unless you count dust as being interesting.

After our search around the store was over, we took a styrofoam cup and created a “Christmas tips cup” for people to put their spare change in, etc. Kyle made sure to decorate it all nicely in marker with a Christmas tree and presents, etc., and put words like “love,” “giving,” “sharing,” and “kindness” to get people in the giving spirit – giving into our pockets, that is. I think in…Continue Reading