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Course Codes Overrunning My Brain

Well, this is the big day. I’m finally going in to see the guidance counselor with some semblance of what I want to do and what courses to take. I’ve been mulling it over in my mind for a while now, and it’s finally time to act on it. I mean, I may not actually enroll tonight, but I’ll at least solidify what courses I’m going to take. Right now I’m going to tell the counselor that I’m looking at Geometry & Discrete Mathematics, Mathematics of Data Management, Chemistry, and Physics. Those are the four I want – that most universities are requiring for Psychology. Of course, some are requiring one or two and not the others, while other programs require the other ones and not the first few, but overall, if I take those four courses, I’m pretty much covered for any university, at least in the area of prerequisites. I’m also pretty much covered in marks – it’s not a high priority for me since I don’t think anything I could do right now could drop my mark below an 80, unless I decided to skip the final exam or something stupid like that.

Anyways, the problem that I hope won’t turn into a big problem is that some of those courses require a previous Grade 11 course that I don’t have. Geometry & Discrete Mathematics requires Grade 11 U Math, whereas I took Grade 11 M. Physics and Chemistry both require their own Grade 11 courses, of…Continue Reading

School Idiots

I’m not going to go into too much detail about what happened today, simply for two reasons: not much happened, and I have a lot to do tonight, so I can’t be bothered writing a massive entry for today. Last night I was quite bored, so I started work on my pirate movie. I basically drew everything out, and recorded stuff, but I’m not sure that I like what I recorded, so I may do it over again. Then, I got bored of that, so I decided to download lots of music. I got Melissa and Angelie to tell me some names of bands and songs they like, and just started downloading. I probably ended up downloading about 20 or 30 songs last night, which is pretty good, I must say. Some of it I actually liked.

Today was school. Blah blah blah, everything was normal, etc. etc. I got home and there was a message on my answering machine from the head guidance counselor at North Park. She basically said that, since parent-teacher interviews were tomorrow night, she would be in her office from 6-8 PM if I wanted to drop by. I phoned the school and actually got ahold of her this time, going on to explain what the secretary had told me about talking to the Vice Principal first to enroll. She told me that I should come by anyways since I know what courses I want, so I could make sure to get into those ones.…Continue Reading

Courses and Transcripts and Guidance, Oh My!

Today is the day that I decided never to have children. The possibility that they would come out too much like some of the people I know is too much for me to bear. Actually, the possibility that they would come out too much like me is even scarier. I wouldn’t want to force that upon anyone, especially a little child. Then again, considering I managed to survive it (though with a few minor defects) brightens the prospect. Still, I think one Jeff Hughes is enough for any planet to bear. I’m one of the most insane people I know, and yet I can still retain some sanity through it all – a very difficult task, let me tell you. At times I’m very scary, and at other times I’m just completely zoned out, staring off into space until someone screams in my face.

And now this crazy guy just might end up going to North Park next year. Considering I missed the deadline for applying to universities, it’s a very likely possibility. I’m planning to work for a year and take a couple courses at North Park and then get into university next year – making sure, of course, to apply nice and early. So far, besides my family, I’ve only told one person about it. Last night Kim from Quizno’s called me from work and we talked for a good fifteen or twenty minutes, partly about the possibility of going to North Park. Since she goes there, she…Continue Reading