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Cooking Calamities

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Today has been a very exciting day! It’s been the most exciting day of my life! Well, okay, not really. I haven’t done too much today at all, and it’s quite boring. But there was one incident worth mentioning, and so that is what I shall do as of immediately.

I decided today that I wouldn’t have something stupid for lunch. Lately I’ve just grabbed whatever leftovers I can find or popped in some bread into the nifty machine we call the “toaster,” coming out with deliciously burnt toast. But today I decided I would have none of that. Today was not a day for burnt grain products – it was a day of adventure and exploration! So I explored the kitchen. Well, I didn’t actually explore the kitchen, because I’ve lived in this house for almost eighteen years and know approximately what the kitchen looks like, but within the confines of the kitchen, I explored the delicacies of fine cuisine. And what did I come up with? Egg McMuffins.

I suppose technically I can’t call them Egg McMuffins since that’s likely copyrighted by McDonalds. They’re more like English Muffins with Egg, Meat, and Cheese. But seeing as that’s a stupid name for them, I’ll continue to call them Egg McMuffins from here on out. I doubt McDonalds will care, since I’m advertising their product indirectly. But anyways, that’s not the point. Searching into the deep recesses of my mind where no traveler has dared to venture, I discovered that…Continue Reading