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Small School Kid on the Big School Bus

Okay, that’s a really ghey title. Meh. Today we had floor hockey practice at Bethel Church or whatever it’s called. Our tournament is on Friday, and this was our first practice; we only have one tomorrow, for a grand total of two practices. Good ol’ Mr. G never fails to make us look horrible every year.

Anyways, the reason we were there was because the church we have school in doesn’t have a gym, which is always helpful for floor hockey. So we went to Bethel. The gym is about half the size of a regular gym, which is the size that we’ll be playing on for the tournament, so basically it’s nothing like how we’ll be playing. Oh well. I think our team won.

But yeah, so Bethel Church happens to be right beside North Park Collegiate, a high school with, well, a lot more people in it than in ours. Afterwards I took the city bus home since the bus stop is closeby, and I usually take the bus home anyways (although it’s a different bus, obviously coming from a different place since I normally catch it outside my school). So I walk outside and wait by the bus stop (in the rain and wind) and then a few minutes later this whole pack of kids crosses the street and basically shoves me off the sidewalk, slowly. I was standing on the sidewalk when I first started waiting. When the bus came, I was on the grass behind…Continue Reading