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Singing in the Rain

Coming home from school today was pretty bad. Since it was all nice and warm this morning, I had decided that I didn’t need my hoodie today. Of course, since God seems to have a sense of humour, He obviously decided to send rain today just for that reason. Or maybe not – but anyways, all I had was a nice t-shirt to wear home. And of course, the 4A bus I normally transfer onto had to come early, so I missed it at the mall. I just rode the #2 bus down to Dunsdon St. and got off there, but that’s still about a 10-minute walk in the rain.

As I look back, I suppose it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t pouring rain, just lightly raining, and it could have been a lot colder than it was (as it was, it was just above the temperature where I would have started shivering). And I’m also glad that I at least saw my bus going by, so I didn’t get off at the mall thinking it hadn’t come yet. Otherwise I’d have to either walk home from the mall in the rain or wait half an hour until the next bus. Neither prospect would particularly appeal to me. So anyways, it wasn’t too bad, just an added unavoidable frustration. Oh well, that’s life I suppose.

I’m not sure what else to talk about right now. I imagine Steph was having a pretty bad day today. Apparently her dad drove away…Continue Reading

One of the Seven Wonders of the Hair World

Nothing of interest happened today. At all. But I suppose that’s a typical Monday morning. Everyone seemed pretty dead. So I suppose this should be a short entry. You never know, though. I tend to always get onto some strange topic, even when there’s nothing to talk about.

Coming home on the bus today was interesting. The bus going from the mall to my house was fairly full of people using the two attached seats to fit one person, so I took the last available two-seater – for myself. That put me behind these two girls that looked like they were probably 13 or 14. Anyways, the one girl’s bangs were massive; I sat there almost in shock from the sheer size of them. I mean, I think bangs on girls are disgusting 90% of the time, but that doesn’t include massive bangs that start at the crown of your skull and go all the way to your eyebrows (slight exaggeration).

So there I sat with my music in my ears, staring at this girl’s bangs. Suddenly she turned around, and just as lightning-quick I turned my head away. I think she saw me looking at her, though, and so I could see her glancing out of the corner of her eyes at me while talking to her friend for the rest of the bus ride. It was horrible. I mean, not only is this girl probably 4 or 5 years younger than me, but on top of that, she’s…Continue Reading

Court Cases and Passover

Well, another day, another blog. I promise I’ll keep this one short after my massive one yesterday. So, let’s see here, what happened today? Wow – a lot actually. So without further ado, I present to you March 31, 2005, from the perspective of yours truly.

Parenting class came first today, and an average class ensued. It was all fairly normal except for leaving about ten minutes early for Law class. We all hopped into Mr. Osborn’s van and went off to the Provincial Court for in this district. There we sat in for an hour or two of court cases. The horrible thing is that you’re not allowed to talk in the courtroom. I mean, people were still whispering, but you’re not supposed to. The first half an hour or so was just timetabling. They’d call someone forward and the defense aid would ask for a postponement for various reasons – for example, the person hadn’t gotten their form for legal aid or something. That part was pretty boring. Then the judge handling that left, there was a short recess, and then the real cases began.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but basically someone got charged with drunk driving, and the big case was about a woman who slashed her common-law spouse on the neck with a knife. It was pretty crazy, but the defence’s argument appealed to the emotions – she had horribly low self-esteem due to her upbringing in a broken home and…Continue Reading

Short Post

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I don’t have much time right now to make a long post here (and you all went, “Phew!”), but I’ll just post a bit about my day. I missed the bus for the fourth day in a row, so it’s getting pretty stupid. So I just stopped in at Tim Horton’s and got a coffee for the walk home. It made everything so much better. I got home and got a call from Kim asking – well, begging really – me to come into work today because she needed to study for a Biology test, etc. etc. Being the nice guy that I am, I agreed, so I called my dad to get him to pick me up here at home. He’s such a nice guy too, and so he agreed. I’m glad we’re just all in agreement.

Okay, that sounds pretty gay. But anyways, I’m working an extra shift this week which means a little more cha-ching in my pocket – something that I am very grateful for. Unfortunately, my Biology essay and lab report will have to be put aside. Oh darn. I was just looking forward so much to that….…

Bus Rides and Hot Chocolate

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Okay, this is just getting stupid. I missed the bus again today. Today, though, was likely my fault, but whatever. I saw a bus at the mall bus stop so I went up to the front and asked the bus driver if he could let me onto that bus. He dropped me off on the street and then I crossed to wait for the other bus. I got on and said, “Thanks,” to the bus driver and then sat down. We got to the first intersection and then turned – and I realized I was on the wrong bus. It turned the opposite way, because I had gotten on the 4C instead of the 4A. Ugh. So I got off at the next nearest stop, which was by Wendy’s, and then walked home.

Today was pretty much the worst day ever to have to walk home. I mean, I’ve had to walk when it was boiling hot out, but today was freezing cold, and it was twice as bad. When I got home I looked at the thermometer and it said it was minus four degrees Celsius out there, but with the wind it was just crazy. It was blowing straight into my face for about the first 10 minutes of walking, which is not exactly fun. I’m still sniffling and It’s been over half an hour since I got home.

So I got home and read 1 Peter 1, which is the next chapter in my Bible reading, and…Continue Reading

Ramblings of a Randomly Random Nature

I can’t think of anything to say. For once in my life, I am speechless.

Okay, well that’s not really true. I say that all the time, especially on here, and then I end up talking about some random thing anyway. But maybe I should rephrase that: I can’t think of anything mildly important to say. So I suppose I’ll talk about something pathetically useless to anything in real life, and if you want to read it, read it. If you don’t, then don’t. I’m not forcing you to read it. Then again, if you came here, it’d be pretty stupid to not read what I write. So read. Now.

Today the same thing happened as last week. My first bus driver was really slow, and the driver of the bus that I transfer onto at the mall drove really fast. Just as my bus was pulling into the mall bus stop, the next one pulled out. I didn’t make a fuss. I’m not quite sure why. I could even have calmly asked the bus driver to radio ahead to the other bus and tell them to wait for two seconds until I got on. But I didn’t. I was either too lazy to walk to the front of the bus to talk to the driver, or I subconsciously wanted to walk home today. And I can tell you right now, it was the latter.

The last time I missed my bus, I was mad. Mostly this was due to…Continue Reading

Strange Day

I’m not sure what to make of today. It seems that everything, both good and bad, happened to me today. So I’ll just recount what happened and maybe I’ll figure it out at the end; then again, maybe I won’t.

Most of the day seemed pretty average. I went to school in the morning, had a normal lunch, had regular afternoon classes. After then is when it started getting strange. I went home on the bus like usual, and I have to transfer at the Lynden Park Mall onto a different one that takes me home. Every once in a while that second bus is faster than the first one, and it gets there first, such as what happened today. I saw it turning the corner in front of us and so I walked up to the bus driver and asked him if he could radio to them to stay at the mall, because I needed to switch. He agreed, and I went and sat back down again. But he stopped two stops before the mall and looked back through the rear-view mirror at me (which took a while for me to notice since he was wearing sunglasses) and told me if I wanted the second bus I should get off now. So I headed to the door at the side of the bus and tried to open it. It was one of those newer buses where you just push the handle and then the door opens mechanically. However, I…Continue Reading