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Today was pretty good. While nothing really interesting happened, nothing bad happened either, so it was tolerable. On Jeff’s Day-o-Meter, it would get a 6 out of 10. But considering that the Day-o-Meter doesn’t exist, I’m not quite sure what that means.

Last night I was talking to Lana on MSN and she was telling me that we had a Biology test on Unit 2 the next day (today). While I knew that it was coming up, it had originally been scheduled for the Friday before March Break. When we had to go back to the basketball tournament the second time, it got postponed, and no one knew when it was postponed until. So Lana asked Mrs. Houtman yesterday right after school and apparently the test was happening tomorrow. Needless to say, none of the Grade 12s were very happy, but considering it got pushed off for an entire week, we really had nothing to complain about other than the fact that we didn’t have a definitive date for when it was to take place.

Anyways, Lana then proceeded to tell me that she knew almost nothing about what we had been talking about for the past three months in Biology. The first thing I asked was, “Well then why weren’t you asking questions during all those classes? Why leave it until the day before the exam?” Anyways, she got on her knees and begged me to help her – maybe not quite that drastic, since I don’t know whether…Continue Reading

One Plus One Makes Three

The above title is the best newspaper headline for the birth of triplets ever. Seeing as this entry would be of sort of a random nature, I decided to give it a nice, random title. I also thought of it at lunch today for no reason – well there was a reason, but it would take a while to map out my entire thought process. Let’s just say it was random and leave it at that.

I spent most of the day today figuring out what the heck I’m going to do after this school year. I started looking through this giant Undergraduate Directory for the University of Ottawa just to get a feel for what I’d be up against in this battle of the decisions. I had no real particular reason for picking out the University of Ottawa catalogue instead of anything other one except that it was big – the catalogue, that is, not the university, although it is too – and would offer me a lot of choice. The University of Ottawa is a pretty major university, so I thought it might give me an idea of a good standard set of courses available, which it did. I looked through the areas on Psychology and read a bit of the descriptions. They sounded pretty interesting, and it looked like something I’d definitely be interested in. So I then proceeded to widen my search for universities, and then narrow them down. Sounds a bit defeating, but I decided…Continue Reading

Decisions, Decisions

I really have nothing to write about today. I exhausted everything yesterday, I suppose. Yesterday was also my deadline for deciding on what course strategy I would go for in college/university. I gave myself three pathways: psychology, accounting, or business leading into entrepreneurship.

So what did I decide? Well, I weighed the pros and cons of each. I put down everything I could think of, and I was honest about it, too. Have you ever stopped and wondered how much bias actually goes into the process? As you’re trying to make a logical, rational decision, your feelings are influencing every part of the process. “I don’t really need to put that one down.” “Nah, that one’s not really important.” The truth is, the factor might be important, but our feelings are leaning toward a certain option, so we subconsciously factor everything in to provide our most desirable result.

So, I tried not to let my feelings influence me at all during this process as best as I possibly could. I put down every pro and con I could think of, and then I weighed each one individually as a mark out of 10, with 10 being the most important. I then added up all the pros and all the cons for each of the three paths, and then divided the pros by the cons to come up with a nice ratio. Luckily, all my pros exceeded my cons. What I did later as well is I came up with the…Continue Reading


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I need a vacation. Ever think it would be nice to just have a break from life for a while? I have. I’ve always wanted to own a cottage. This wouldn’t be a normal cottage, though. This would be a cottage far away from all civilization. The front would open up to giant rolling hills of green, with lush trees interspersed throughout the landscape like stars in a night sky.

The back of the cottage would have a rustic dock with a rowboat tied to it. The calm lake would be as clear as crystal, like floating on a lake of glass. There would be no noise except for the chirping of birds, the playful banter of chipmunks, and the hushed whisper of the wind gently blowing the grass.

I’ve always had a desire to be able to sit on top of a grassy hill and overlook flowing grasslands. Actually, it wouldn’t really matter what I was overlooking. I could overlook a smoggy city for all I care. Anything can look beautiful from a distance. But elevation gives a sense of power. Sitting on top of a hill, just looking down on a landscape would give me such a great chance to think and just let God get ahold of my life.

Now, I know that I should be happy for what I have, and I really am. We’re all dealt the cards we have, and our responsibility is to manage them the best we can. So I’ve been given…Continue Reading


I read in a book somewhere about a term called “overchoice.” It basically said how in today’s society, we are all bombarded with so many choices that we become disoriented – not physically of course, but psychologically. I think I’m experiencing that right now.

I’ve been faced with the impending doom that I am going to have to make a major choice in my life about where I will go after high school. This choice probably wouldn’t be so impending if I had started thinking about it earlier, but I’ve tried not to as much as possible, to avoid facing the fact that I have absolutely no direction in life. There’s so many career choices, and so many college/university programs offered that will (hopefully) help equip you for those thousands of careers out there. Right now I haven’t even decided what I would lean towards in a university, let alone pick a university. I’m totally lost.

I’ve thought about a few things I’m good at and enjoy doing; I’ve had an idea in my mind about going for psychology. I enjoy helping people, and although I’ve noticed I have a tendency to push help on people even when they don’t want it, the fact that they would be coming to me for the help would kind of cancel that out. I also notice I have tendency to pick apart people (such as I just did with myself), and categorize them into certain groups while still maintaining that some people do…Continue Reading