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Be Nice To Everyone Day (Yuck)

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Today was a normal, boring ol’ day. Actually, today was Be Nice To Everyone Day, as set up by Bethany and Melissa. I was supposed to have one of those days a week ago or so, but it lasted for about five minutes before I relapsed back into my normal, cynical self. Today, however, I did much better. I actually only said about two or three mean things throughout the entire day. It was quite a feat. And of course, I’ll be holding it over their heads for the next little while, so that covers me in the nice department for the next little while. “Hey Jeff, could you hold these books for me?” “Pphh, I was nice last week, so if you wanted me to do something for you, you missed your chance.” Gotta love it.

Biology today was monotonously boring and dreadfully bland. Mrs. Houtman has given us the notes for the next few chapters, all nicely typed up with lots of spelling errors, and with no visual breaks in the text either. I mean, she didn’t even make the titles bold or underline them or anything, so everything just blends into one big text block. Anyways, so for the past two classes, she’s just basically been reading out of the notes and the text while we sit there and “listen.” I don’t think I heard anything she said this class, and Beth said exactly the same to me afterwards as well. Jon was asleep, and Lana was…Continue Reading

Uninteresting Points of Interest

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Not much exciting happened today. After school we had a practice for baseball to all who wanted to go. It wasn’t very interesting, as we just stood out in the field while each of us, by turn, got up to bat. That was all we did, and then the practice was over. Hopefully tomorrow’s practice will be better.

Other than that, today was pretty normal. Both Bethany and Lana were away today, so I was the only one in Grade 12 Accounting (although the Grade 11s are in the same room, so it’s not like it was just Mr. G and me or anything), and Jon and I were the only ones in Biology. It’s pretty sad when two people are absent and two-thirds of the Accounting class and half the Biology class goes missing. But oh well.

I don’t think I heard a word that Mr. Osborn said in Law class. Steph slid her desk over to share the textbook with me, and then we just spent the class typing messages back and forth in her graphing calculator and throwing Holly’s paper creations back at her. Steph also started jabbering away in Swiss, since Jael had taught her all these phrases. Apparently I got called dumb, but I didn’t really care because I don’t speak Swiss. Why should I count an insult that I don’t even understand? It’s almost underhanded; I mean, if you’re going to insult me, do it to my face instead of hiding behind a foreign…Continue Reading

Singing in the Rain

Coming home from school today was pretty bad. Since it was all nice and warm this morning, I had decided that I didn’t need my hoodie today. Of course, since God seems to have a sense of humour, He obviously decided to send rain today just for that reason. Or maybe not – but anyways, all I had was a nice t-shirt to wear home. And of course, the 4A bus I normally transfer onto had to come early, so I missed it at the mall. I just rode the #2 bus down to Dunsdon St. and got off there, but that’s still about a 10-minute walk in the rain.

As I look back, I suppose it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t pouring rain, just lightly raining, and it could have been a lot colder than it was (as it was, it was just above the temperature where I would have started shivering). And I’m also glad that I at least saw my bus going by, so I didn’t get off at the mall thinking it hadn’t come yet. Otherwise I’d have to either walk home from the mall in the rain or wait half an hour until the next bus. Neither prospect would particularly appeal to me. So anyways, it wasn’t too bad, just an added unavoidable frustration. Oh well, that’s life I suppose.

I’m not sure what else to talk about right now. I imagine Steph was having a pretty bad day today. Apparently her dad drove away…Continue Reading


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Today didn’t go exactly as planned. Instead of spending some time doing Christmas shopping, I spent most of the day at the police office. And no, I didn’t try to steal my Christmas presents.

Before I went out shopping, I had to stop and get a few things that my mom needed from the grocery store. So I drove over to Zehrs and attempted to park in a parking spot. However, because the Taurus is somewhat of a larger car, this is significantly harder to do. I found a parking spot that had cars on both sides of it, and I turned to get into it. However, I turned too sharply and scraped up the rear left bumper of a parked car beside me. There are now scrapes on the side of my car and the other car. I went into Zehrs with my mind racing at about a zillion miles per hour to figure out what to do. Part of me wanted to just drive away and pretend it never happened. But when I looked at the damage on the car, I knew that it wasn’t exactly going to be easy to explain a mysterious scratch to my parents. So I got the stuff I needed to and went back to my car. When I opened up the car door, an old guy stopped me and said, “I hope you’re not planning to go anywhere.” I said, “Nope, I was just putting my stuff inside,” which I proceeded to…Continue Reading