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Antique books with candle

My Top 20 Books

I try to spend as much time as I possibly can reading. I still read far less than I would like to, but I’ve managed to read quite a few books over the past few years. The difficulty for me is to pick my favourites out of the ones that I’ve read. Certainly some I didn’t like, but many were good yet incomparable to each other. One may have a great plot, while another has compelling characters, while another has interesting themes underlying it—it all gets very difficult to compare one book to another.Continue Reading

Grass, Greeks, and Gearshifts

Yesterday was a pretty average, boring day. I was talking to Angelie on MSN and she said that both she and Dave wanted to do something. So I called up Jeff and asked if he wanted to do something as well. He was up for it, so I told him that I’d talk to Angelie again and figure out what to do. I was expecting her to come back onto MSN, since she had gone to supper by that time. When half an hour went by and she hadn’t come online yet, I decided to call her. No answer. I called back a few more times, and after another half an hour, Jeff called me up and asked, “So I’m assuming that nothing really is going on?” He was correct in his assumption. We’ll likely do something today or tomorrow, though I’m not quite sure. I have to work this afternoon from 5:30-9:15, so I’m not sure if I really want to do anything today. Tomorrow night there’s an engagement party at Jake and Luke’s house, so I’ll likely show up to that. That’ll be doing something at least.

Today I had to cut the grass. That’s never a pleasant experience, but whatever. I woke up at 8:45 AM sharp in order to be up before it got really hot. I don’t want to wake up at like 6 AM or anything, but I don’t want to wait until the afternoon when the sun is out and deep-frying everything. So…Continue Reading