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And Again I Say, Rejoice!

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Joy is a very strange thing. It comes out of a sense of fulfillment. Although dictionaries define it as great happiness, I feel that it is different from happiness. I’ve heard it defined that happiness is based on circumstances, whereas joy is not. That makes it an elusive topic to define. As best as I can describe, it’s a feeling of peace and fulfillment, even in the midst of turmoil or difficult situations.

The topic came up since I just finished reading Philippians to start off the inductive Bible study on Philippians and Colossians. As I pondered the purpose of the letter and the main message, joy was what came up. You see, it’s mainly a letter of encouragement to the Philippian church, written by Paul, and in it he describes what gives him joy. Here was Paul, thrown into prison for what he believed. I highly doubt that prisons back then were anything near what they are like now, with three meals a day and cable TV. They were more like a concrete room, dank and smelly, where you sat chained to a Roman soldier just in case you had any intentions of trying to get away. And he was in this prison for what he believed – it wasn’t because he did anything illegal or immoral, but rather because he didn’t worship the Roman emperor. That’s it. They threw him in there because he wouldn’t worship a person that would likely die in a few years anyway. Yet…Continue Reading

Motivation for Organization

Since today was just an average Sunday, I won’t go into much detail except to mention that tonight the guys are meeting at Pastor Dave’s house to eat pizza and play poker. He’s one of the few pastors at our church that doesn’t mind playing cards, but his email to the guys was “written in code,” mentioning a “special” tournament, in case his wife or one of the pastors intercepted the email.

So anyways, I’ll try to keep this entry short, since I don’t have much to say. Yesterday evening was sort of a strange night, but definitely a productive one. My mom needed to use the computer for an hour or two last night, so I had to find something else to do during that time. I already mentioned that I filled in my income tax forms, so that was done. I went up to my room and read Red Rabbit for a little bit, and then started to get a strange feeling, an overwhelming need to organize. It’s something that doesn’t happen very often. I usually organize under the guise of being disorganized. I mean, I can find anything I want in my room, it’s just that no one else can. But what do I care? It’s my room. Maybe I don’t want anyone else to find anything.

But anyways, I started to look over what I’ve been planning to read for my daily devotions for the next little while. I’ve got to finish up the Purpose-Driven Life,…Continue Reading

Some More Shtuff

Once again, I have nothing really to post. Today was the last day of school before exams, which I’m not too worried about. They kind of snuck up on me actually, but I’m pretty confident that most of the information is in my head and that the rest I can shove in there from my notes in the next couple days.

Anyways, since I have a lack of interesting things to talk about from today, let me continue on in my spiritual mode. It’s really been on my mind lately, and since there aren’t that many people that I could tell that would be interested in what I have to say about it, writing it in my blog will have to do. The fact is that I’m excited about what has been going on in my life whether anyone else is. And the more amazing thing is that I’m just coming up to a youth retreat starting this next coming Friday, which is usually a source of spiritual revival in my life. The fact that I’m already revived can only mean that it’s going to get better – an awesome thought.

On January 2nd, the guys in our youth group got together during our weekly youth service and started talking about goals. Since our church had just started this 90 day Soul Journey, Pastor Dave was asking us questions about some spiritual goals that we had for the next week. Knowing that my biggest problem was the problem of actually…Continue Reading


Today was mildly interesting. The only thing worth mentioning is the fact that Mr. G changed the schedule and then screwed everyone all up by assigning something on a day that we didn’t have that class – the day before we had the class next, actually. That made for some angry/frustrated people, and I just didn’t really care, because I’m laidback like that. I got it done at lunchtime and at the start of the class and handed it in on time. Meh.

As for anything else that happened today, there really was nothing else. I stood outside in the freezing cold for about ten minutes waiting for my bus – and boy, was it cold. I’m glad it wasn’t later than it already was. But at least I caught the transfer to the next bus so I didn’t have to walk home. That would have been crazy.

Exams are coming up on Friday. Whoopee. I’m not too terribly worried, because I’m laidback like that, and because I’ve done them for three years. I really could care less as well, because my marks are good. I mean, I’ll still do well on the exams, but I just don’t have anything to worry about. Besides, what’s the point of worrying anyways?

“So I tell you, don’t worry about everyday life–whether you have enough food, drink, and clothes. Doesn’t life consist of more than food and clothing? Look at the birds. They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in…Continue Reading

Good Moods and Fat Robins

Today was a pretty cool day. I mean, nothing really interesting happened, but there’s some days where you’re in a good enough mood that it doesn’t matter. I think most of this good mood was due to the fact that I’m finally caught up in homework and notes and such from missing school on the snow day we had and the funeral. I mean, obviously nothing happened on the snow day, but I was planning to get some of my stuff to do my homework, which ended up not happening since I obviously didn’t go to school. Anyways, I finally finished it all last night and I’m caught up, although a little bit tired.

I also achieved a good milestone for myself. I’ve been trying to get back on track with reading my Bible, something which I’ve completely failed at since the beginning of summer. I got back on track again around October, but after a week or two that failed as well. Ever since then, it’s been a day here or there; it’s just so hard with a part-time job that once in a while takes away my entire evening. But on Monday, yesterday, and today I read it – that’s three days in a row! I’m quite pleased. And the prospects look quite good for tomorrow and such. I only work on Friday and Sunday, so I won’t have homework or anything on Friday, and Thursday’s good as well. I’m not as worried about the weekend. But anyways,…Continue Reading