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Reset button


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Personal change and growth generally happens slowly. One’s political beliefs may shift over one’s lifetime, or a commitment to health and fitness may slowly be fostered. But generally these changes happen over a length of time, and in relative isolation from other changes.

Every once in a while, however, some belief that is fundamental to your worldview gets torn away. Like pulling out the bottom card in a house of cards, the rest comes tumbling down and must be rebuilt. Suddenly, change is thrust upon you, and you must deal with it. It’s at times like these that life gives you a reset button. All of a sudden, you have a fresh start to define who you are. You have a new chance to redefine yourself and cast yourself in a new light.Continue Reading

The Wager

Not much interesting happened today at school. It was a pretty normal day, except for an exploding juice box. Lana accidentally stepped on a juice box that was on the floor for some reason, and it exploded in a big long line all over the floor. It was pretty cool, actually.

Anyways, every once in a while it hits me just how small I really am. I mean, if you think about it, try to imagine the size of the earth. Think about one of those pictures from space where it looks like a big blue sphere. Now imagine trying to find yourself on that picture – think about just how far you’d have to zoom in to see yourself. It’s crazy if you really think about it – it’s almost beyond our human comprehension. Zoom out even further, and you see our earth as just a marble in a massive solar system…then our tiny solar system in a sea of stars from our Milky Way galaxy. Zooming out even further gives you a massive picture – an incomprehensible universe filled with galaxies stretched out further than the human eye or the most powerful telescope can see – and you are just the tiniest speck, like an atom is in comparison to the earth. I’m not even sure whether that’s a fair comparison, because I cannot comprehend the sheer magnitude of the universe in all its vastness. I can’t even comprehend how massive the earth is, and it’s worthlessly unimportant…Continue Reading

The Purpose Of Life

Ever been made fun of about something you like, or something you believe in? Yeah, me too. It seems these days that most people live to bring everyone else down to their level instead of trying to get up to the same level as others. This happens in some people more than others, or rather I should say that some people have let it become a habit. I’m definitely included in that group, but I’ve been working hard to stop.

With today’s culture how it is, anyone who stands up for anything gets ridiculed – well, unless of course they stand up for what the majority likes. Then they’re basically crowned as king. So instead of people standing up for their own interests and beliefs, they just go with everyone else wants them to say. I mean, part of our society deals with aggressive protesting for rights, but that’s standing up for other people’s beliefs.

I’ve been made fun of for what I believe. Christianity isn’t getting very popular these days. It’s seen as old-fashioned and outdated, which if you think about it makes no sense – if we threw away everything that was old, we’d be stuck drinking grape juice instead of wine. I’m not saying that everything gets better with age but rather that you cannot determine something’s worth by how old or new it is. Society tells us to embrace every new development, especially those ones that science throws at us. Need I mention that science and…Continue Reading

Aligning Your Faith

Well, I did it. I apologized to Kayla for being such a loser lately. It’s not like I was afraid or nervous to talk to her about it. However, I’m one of those people who hates to admit that they’re wrong. I’ve been known to be in the middle of an argument and suddenly see that the other person is right, yet still continue my side of the argument anyways.

So I admitted that I was wrong. All I did was make fun of her and tell her that the new relationship she was in wouldn’t work out. I told her I’d give it a month. In fact, when she told me about it, I told her I’d start placing bets as to how long it would last. I mean, how pathetically low was that? She’s still my friend, or at least she used to be. I just lost sight of that completely. I exchanged friendship for an outlet to get my anger out. And she doesn’t deserve that. Nobody deserves that.

I apologized to her and I still feel pretty bad about the whole thing. Perhaps I can mend everything up; I sure hope I can anyways. If not, then I suppose that’s what I deserve for doing this. I mean, I claim to be a Christian, and yet I can’t love someone whom God loves? The Bible speaks out endlessly about loving your neighbour as yourself, and about how love is shown to God by loving others. There’s…Continue Reading