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Basketball, Sickness, Yay

Yet another crazy day means yet another day without an entry. But that’s okay. Considering there’s no obligation for me to post daily, I’m not too worried about missing a day. Besides, I’m sick.

Yesterday was the second half of our basketball tournament (since we went on the wrong day the first time), in which the guys lost all their games and the girls got second place. Before anyone makes the claim that girls are obviously better than guys, be reminded that the girls were playing against other girls’ teams, which are much easier to play against. They just do these big lob passes that sometimes work but are really easy to pick off. Fortunately, they usually work because girls never seem to be able to jump very high. With guys, it’s a different matter. You have to do short, quick passes, or they’ll be picked off immediately. And you know that if they’re picked off, its probably about an 80% chance that they’re going to get a basket.

Anyways, because the girls got into the playoffs, Mr. G decided that the guys should cheer them on (even though we really didn’t pay much attention to the game). I just sat on the sidelines and tried to close my eyes. I was running on about 3 or 4 hours of sleep minus the physical exhaustion from the three basketball games I had played. I’ve been sick for the past couple of days, and so I hadn’t slept well the night…Continue Reading

Crazy, Crazy Day

Yesterday was a strange day, which is why there’s no entry for that day. I simply just didn’t have time. It all started by going to school, having one class in the morning, and then heading off to the basketball tournament.

We got to the place where the tournament was to be held and walked inside. The place was empty. None of the other teams were there. Something was definitely strange, and we sat there for a few minutes while Mr. G figured out what was going on. It turns out that we were a little bit early. Two days early, actually. The tournament had been rescheduled for Friday instead of Wednesday, and either no one told him or he forgot about the change. So in order to make the trip at least partially profitable, we practiced in the gym for a little bit and then played a game with the school that goes there. The girls didn’t really do anything since it was the guys playing against their guys’ team, but since Mr. Gillmore is partial to the guys in sports, that was to be expected.

We stopped in Cambridge on the way back for something to eat, and some of the guys (myself included) headed into Value Village to look around. Zac ended up buying this big green Hulk fist that you put on your hand, and when you punch something it makes noises like glass breaking or a big roar. It’s foam, and obviously only half of…Continue Reading

The Principles of Peter

Today was definitely an interesting day. I wouldn’t say it was overly exciting or full of intrigue and mystery, but it wasn’t dull and boring either. The most interesting part was Gym class, playing basketball. We were at Bethel Baptist Church, which has a gym approximately the size of my thumb (slight exaggeration there), so we had ten people on the court at a time trying not to run over each other to get the ball. It was more of a massacre than anything else, since no one was really playing “basketball” in the traditional sense. Since the gym was so small, it was more of a “throw the ball all the way down while everyone else tries to intercept it, then do the same” kind of game. Still fun, but nowhere near real basketball, which we’ll roughly be playing at the tournament tomorrow. It’s obvious that most people on both the guy’s and girl’s teams have never played basketball, because half of them have no clue about travelling or double-dribbling, let alone more “complex” concepts such as up-and-down or over-and-back. I think they’re more focused on trying to dribble the ball or look for an open person (even if the person’s on the other team) to worry about concepts like that.

Anyways, as long as we have fun at the basketball tournament, that’s all that really matters. Mr. Gillmore hasn’t put any pressure on the teams at all to win; he’s just told us to do our best and…Continue Reading