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June Jam and Boy Bands

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Well, the June Jam last night wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. It was a little strange; still not bad, but definitely different than what I anticipated. It was $5 to get in at the door, and then you got a coupon with a number in order to get prizes. I also got a door prize – a Napoleon Dynamite pin that says, “I see you’re drinking 1%.” I thought that was pretty cool. Anyways, we got in the auditorium, and then Pastor Rob welcomed us and stuff. They gave away all the prizes right at the beginning, though, which I thought was weird. If I were them, I would have given away some little ones at the beginning, then some more in the middle, and the big prizes (like the PlayStation 2 and the GameCube) right at the very end, so there was more anticipation. It was just anti-climactic giving them all away at the beginning. Oh well. Jordan won a “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt, which was cool.

After that, the band came up – I forget exactly what they were called; it was like Affirmative Display or something. They had a guitarist, a bass guitarist, a drummer, a saxophone player, and a violin player. It was really strange. I didn’t exactly like the violin – this guy was trying to do crazy solos on the thing, when it’d just be a whole lot easier to teach him to play guitar, and it’d sound a lot better too. Violins…Continue Reading