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Tearing Down the Berlin Wall

Well, let’s see here. I can’t say that I’ve been in a very good mood all day today. I think I’ve calmed down a bit, but overall it hasn’t been too much of a “vacation” atmosphere around my house. So when did it all begin? Well, you see, it all started with my mom tearing down a wall. Sound strange? I thought so too.

Apparently my parents have been talking about ripping down the wall in the upstairs bathroom because something’s wrong with it. I’m not quite sure what they thought was wrong with it, since I didn’t feel like talking about a wall, but it could have been something about water leaking or some similar situation. At any rate, they had decided that they were going to take some of their vacation time to tear down this wall and redo it. They had decided to start today, and my dad had told my mom that they would start on it after he cut the grass.

So, I came downstairs this morning after waking up around 9:00 AM, since my parents are never quiet when they’re awake, and therefore wake me up. I considered taking a shower, and then thought, “Well hey, it’s not like I have anything to do today. I’m on summer holidays. I’ll go get some breakfast, head down to the computer for a while, and then take a shower when I feel like it.” So down I went. Soon all I heard was my parents arguing…Continue Reading

Pesky, Pesky Females

Once again, I am at a loss for words. Besides all of my words being twisted around to mean something they didn’t actually mean, nothing much happened today. If you want an example of this, you need look no further than Steph herself. Somehow girls have the annoying ability to take everything – and I mean everything – the wrong way. A while ago, on a blog far, far away (actually, on this blog, April 2nd, 2005), I was writing about how she was pestering me to know who I liked, and the funny thing was that “I really don’t even have anyone I like.” That’s an exact quote. And somehow she tried to make that seem that the “really” meant that it wasn’t “really” and that there actually is someone I like. Then, to prove her point, she used this: “I mean, I have a few girls that I wouldn’t mind going out with, but I’m not obsessed with anyone. I would like some if they liked me, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to get them to. And some of them were there last night, too.” She then said that since “some of them were there,” that implies that I liked someone that was there. But she managed to miss the entire point of the paragraph, which was that I don’t like anyone. But still, a month later, she can’t understand it. This frustrates me.

I cannot stand how women turn everything around to mean…Continue Reading

Yeah, You Know Who You Are…

Well, excuse me for having a life. Yeah sure, I may have been some stupid loner back when you met me, I’ll admit that, but things have changed since then. You can just shut up and go back to whining about your sorry life and leave me alone from now on. I know you could care less about me, and I’m thankful that the feeling is mutual. I’m ashamed to admit that at one point I did care about you. I’m very grateful I saw that you’re really just a waste of my time. I hate to think what would have become of me if I had stuck around and continued to beg for you to care about me.

See if I ever do that again. You expect me to just hang my head down in shame and admit that you’re right? Fat chance. I have friends. I have a life. I’m not the same loser I was when you met me. A lot of things have changed since then. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anything’s changed for you. You’re still the same hypocritical, sarcastic, calloused, uncaring coward you always were, lashing out in hatred towards others to bring them down to your level. See if I care. Whine about your life. I really could care less. I’m wasting my time by writing this, but I’m trying to prove a point. Stop trying to bring down others when you’re already on the low end of the scale yourself. If you…Continue Reading