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Bad Day?

Today was definitely a day out of the ordinary. Overall, it was a horrible day for me. And yet, at the same time, it was a great day as well. I’m not sure how better to explain that without just explaining it outright, so I might as well just start into it.

I’ll start with the bad stuff first. Over the past couple of days, my allergies have been horribly bad – either that, or I’ve come down with a cold of some kind. I’m pretty sure now that it’s a combination of both. Anyways, last night I had a stuffed up nose. That gave me two things: a headache, and a sore throat. The sore throat was from breathing through my mouth all night since I couldn’t breathe through my nose. The headache was just from plugged sinuses, I suppose, but it meant a horrible night’s sleep; I woke up several times through the night and just wished I could get a drill and shove it up my nose. So anyways, this lack of sleep meant running on about four or five hours of sleep for today. It wasn’t fun. My joints were aching for some reason, and just generally, I felt like crap. On top of that, we went outside for English class today to read Huckleberry Finn, so the grass didn’t help my allergies at all. I was sniffling during the entire class to keep from dripping – it seems to alternate from a stuffed up nose…Continue Reading

Allergies and Today’s Tomorrow

Well, it’s official. Spring has now started. How do I know? It’s not that the snow has melted, or that the robins have come out. It’s not even the warmer temperatures. No, spring has officially started because I have started sneezing my head off.

My allergies always act up about partway through spring, usually when the dandelions come out. I’m not sure whether it’s actually the dandelions that affect me, but they usually coincide with my allergies. But whatever the case, allergies suck, big time. I hate it when the inside of your nose gets itchy, and you know you have to sneeze, but it just decides to stay there for a little while, bugging you, until it finally gets bad enough to trigger the sneeze. During class today, if you watched me closely enough, you could see me wriggling my nose every few minutes, because I knew a sneeze was coming on and I couldn’t do anything about it. Sometimes I can stop the sneeze just by exhaling heavily to try and blow the allergen out before I have to sneeze (of course, you have to make sure there’s no loose snot in your nose before you do this, or the result gets messy), but other times that just doesn’t work.

On top of being allergic to probably just about every plant in existence, I’m also allergic to several animals. Dogs, cats, and horses are all on the list. It’s mostly animals with long hair, though. When I go…Continue Reading