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Bloggish Celebrations and Adultish Laughter

Well, this is my 292nd post on this thing. I suppose I could have just not said anything and left the surprise until my 300th, but I was afraid I would forget and just not have any celebration at all. So lets have a toast to my 292nd post on this friggin’ massive blog of mine. Cheers!

Now that the festivities are over until another 8 posts go by, let me tell you just a tiny bit about my day. To make a short story even shorter, nothing much has happened. I got up, had a shower and got dressed, then was pleasantly greeted by my father who asked why I hadn’t called Sears yet. My sister went and took her driver’s test to get her G license, passed, and is now driving like a maniac (well, actually she’s upstairs, but oh well). I called Sears once the store actually opened, got the lady’s voice mail, and it said she was on holidays until August 8th or 9th. She then rhymed off the extension of another supervisor, which I then called and left a message on his voice mail. I called Marco Sales as well, and found out that the lady I thought was looking at my resume actually had an employee doing that for the summer instead. So I got patched through to her voice mail, left a message there, and am now thoroughly confused, waiting for someone to call me back.

Once my sister came home from her…Continue Reading

Just A Few More Posts About Death

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Alright, I realize the last few posts have basically been about death and dying, but it’s been on my mind for the past few days since everything has been about preparing for the funeral and such. Visitation was tonight. It went pretty well, I suppose. Of course, it was pretty boring, but I expected that. Jordan and I just sat on the couch there and talked to anyone who came over to us. Not many did, but oh well. The visitation was from 7-9, two hours, and I’d say about 30 people came. There was also the visitation earlier this afternoon that I didn’t go to.

I saw a few people I knew, a few people I had met once or twice, a few people from our old church and Grandma’s old church, Evangel, and a few people I hadn’t seen in years. There was one person that was the son of Grandma’s hairstylist. I’m not quite sure why he was there, but he seemed to talk to just about everyone, including Jordan and myself. I also met the Parkinsons, whom I haven’t seen in who knows how long. They go to Evangel, so I haven’t seen them in likely about 10 years.

All in all, visitation was pretty good. People just met up and chatted about old times, catching up for all those years they missed between funerals. It’s pretty sad when you only see each other at funerals. Is that the only time adults get together or something?…Continue Reading