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Ups and Downs

Yesterday was a bit of an up-and-down day. Writing yesterday’s entry put me in sort of a sour mood, and so as I got ready for work, I just offered up a prayer that God would help me set that aside as I worked to not let my bad mood influence my attitude there. I had to check the bus schedules and such to find out which bus went where at what time, and so I found out that the 12:00 bus would get me to the Brantford Mall at about 12:07. I considered taking that one, but since I started work at 12:15, I didn’t want to take the chance that the bus would be slow like it sometimes is. So I took the 11:30 bus instead, and got there with about half an hour to spare before having to work. That was okay. I just went into Wal-mart for a little while and looked in the electronics section. Killing time is really the only time you’ll ever catch me “shopping” without buying anything – unless you count not being able to find what I’m looking for, but that’s different.

At about noon, I walked over to Cineplex and went upstairs to change and such. I had my uniform in a backpack, so I got ready and made myself look amazing before going back downstairs. I still had a little bit of time before I started, so I went in and wrote down my hours for next week. Then…Continue Reading

The Good, the Bad, and the Clumsy

I’m not even quite sure what to say about yesterday. Everything was going pretty well, and then right at the end of the night, something horrible happened that just made the whole day a complete failure. In light of that, I don’t really want to talk too much about the good part of the day. I guess I will anyways, though.

About 11:30 AM I got a call from Jeff. He told me that Kristy and Erica had both ditched us – since we had been planning to hang out together. He asked if I still wanted to do something, and I said sure. He came by in a few minutes and picked me up, and then we went to Wal-mart so he could get some Auto Febreze for his car to make it smell nice. We walked through the automotive section and couldn’t see it, so then we looked for it under Household Cleaners and didn’t see it there either. After a while, Jeff just said to forget it, and we went to leave. On the way out the door, there it was – sitting on a shelf display in one of the aisles. It was pretty strange. So he paid for it and we headed out. He sprayed it inside his car, and because it was still wet, we got it all over our clothes when we got in. Oh well. So we smell like Auto Febreze – who cares?

After that, we headed out to get some…Continue Reading


Last night was most certainly interesting. I went party-hopping to, well, two parties: one for Jael and Jessica, and another one for Mike. I don’t feel like writing too much today, so I’ll try and keep it short. Of course, I’ll likely end up rambling on about something, but we’ll see.

I headed off and picked up Steph, Jayson, and Melissa at the latter’s house, and then headed over to pick up Meagan over at her house. Then it was off to Paris. I had directions written out since I had no clue how to get there, but I didn’t even end up using them since other people in the car knew how to get there supposedly quicker. We got there without too much trouble, and then hung out there for a while. There was food, but I didn’t want any because I didn’t feel too well. I’m not sure whether it’s just been my allergies acting up lately or whether I actually have a cold. All I know is that I keep sneezing, and that my allergy medication either isn’t working or isn’t strong enough. Anyways, some of us played crokinole, and then we also played this strange game where there’s a piece of chocolate wrapped up in newspaper, and you go around the circle rolling a die. If you get a six, you have to put on winter gloves and a hat and use a fork and knife to rip away at the newspaper and eat the chocolate.…Continue Reading


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Today didn’t go exactly as planned. Instead of spending some time doing Christmas shopping, I spent most of the day at the police office. And no, I didn’t try to steal my Christmas presents.

Before I went out shopping, I had to stop and get a few things that my mom needed from the grocery store. So I drove over to Zehrs and attempted to park in a parking spot. However, because the Taurus is somewhat of a larger car, this is significantly harder to do. I found a parking spot that had cars on both sides of it, and I turned to get into it. However, I turned too sharply and scraped up the rear left bumper of a parked car beside me. There are now scrapes on the side of my car and the other car. I went into Zehrs with my mind racing at about a zillion miles per hour to figure out what to do. Part of me wanted to just drive away and pretend it never happened. But when I looked at the damage on the car, I knew that it wasn’t exactly going to be easy to explain a mysterious scratch to my parents. So I got the stuff I needed to and went back to my car. When I opened up the car door, an old guy stopped me and said, “I hope you’re not planning to go anywhere.” I said, “Nope, I was just putting my stuff inside,” which I proceeded to…Continue Reading