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I don’t feel like writing a lot today, and I only have an hour before I have to go to work anyways, so I’ll try to keep this short. I’ll start off with my appointment at North Park, since that’s the least interesting part anyways. Basically, I talked with a guidance counsellor, and she confirmed that they weren’t offering Grade 12 Physics in the second semester. Then basically her only option to me was to either just go without it, or to look at other schools to see if they offered it second semester. The only problem with that idea is that BCI is probably the next closest school, and to go there for one period and then try to get back to North Park within about a ten minute break or whatever – without a vehicle – is quite impossible. I’d have to take the bus, and that would certainly not be enough time. So basically, my options are to either set up some sort of correspondence course, or to just go without it – which I don’t exactly want to do. We’ll see what happens, though. I sent an email to Mr. G, since I know he’s dealt with Independent Learning Courses in the past, so I figured he may be able to help me out there.

In the afternoon, Melissa called me up and told me that she was bored, so that I should come over. I told her she needed to figure out a way to…Continue Reading

Mildly Interesting (But Not Really)

There’s not much to say today, so I’ll keep this short. After my contemplative exploits of last night, nothing significant happened, so there’s no need to expand on yesterday. Today I had to get up early to drive my mom to work, so that I could have the car for today. Using it, I first went to North Park to pick up my timetable for next year. Right now, for both semesters I have a spare first period. That’s not exactly what I’d like – I’d rather have it last period – but at least it wasn’t in the middle of the day. As it stands now, I don’t have to come into school until 10:30 or something, which is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, the Grade 12 Physics course that I wanted wasn’t on there. That means they either missed it, or I didn’t get into it. So now I have to wait until the end of August in order to try and correct it. That was fairly frustrating, but perhaps I can still pick it up.

After picking up my timetable, I headed over to my bank to do a few things there. First of all, I wanted to change my savings account into a chequing account – the main reason for that would be so I could write cheques to tithe what I earn. I found out, though, that the savings account I have allows me to order cheques anyways, so there’s no point in even switching it. I…Continue Reading

Graduation (The Actual Thing)

Last night was awesome. The only part about the graduation ceremony that I didn’t like was having to speak. But I got it over with, and it really wasn’t too bad. But some great things were said about our class and also about myself in particular, which definitely gave me a big grin on my face. I was smiling because I knew that they actually meant what they said.

I really enjoyed what both Lana and Jon had to say. What happened was that each of us in turn got our “award,” and then we spoke for a little bit. Basically the award is a Bible character that the teachers pick out as being representative of our character qualities. Lana got the Queen of Sheba award, because she’s always asking questions. She then got up and spoke about making the most of every opportunity. Jon then came up and got the Timothy award for his heart for God. He spoke about walking in the light. What really made me sit up in my seat was when he took a quote off my blog. He called me a SHH (Spontaneously Hilarious Human) and then pulled off a paragraph from the blog entry I wrote about Living Victoriously. It’s strange to say this, but what I said really made me think. I mean, it’s been a while since I looked at it, so I’ve had another month to look at it with fresh eyes. I really think that what Jon pointed…Continue Reading


I’m really not sure what to say today. It finally hit me during the Parenting exam – I’m graduating. Little ol’ Jeff is graduating. Tonight. That just freaks me out a little bit, as well as excites me tremendously. I mean, I made it through four years of BCC! I actually survived, though the insanity flew ’round about me like a whirlwind. Actually, I was probably the cause of most of the insanity, but still – I survived. Man, that Parenting exam was hard to write – not because I didn’t know the answers, but because the reality of my impending graduation finally got to me and distracted me completely.

So what does a graduating student have to say? Obviously not much. I could write a book on just the things I’m feeling right now, but it’d probably have a lot of repetition in it. Have you ever had that feeling where you just have to tell someone what keeps running around in your head? Where you’re just so excited that you have to yell and scream and dance around with someone or else you’ll explode? Yeah, that’s what I’m feeling right now. I got out of the Parenting exam and went straight over to Lana. I said, “We’re done! Holy crap! How does it feel to have finished your very last high school exam?” It’s so strange. I don’t even know how to describe how I’m feeling right now. It’s mostly excitement mixed in with a bit of nervousness…Continue Reading

Alien Invasions and Exams…Same Old, Same Old

I’d have to say that today was fairly normal. There were no alien invasions, terrorist attacks, or cyborg assaults. On the other hand, there were alien cyborgs that got attacked by terrorists while invading earth. But once they got here, they realized that humans weren’t all they were cracked up to be. We turned out to be lying, thieving, selfish scum. So they turned around and left. I think they’ll likely be back with explosives.

Coming back to reality, though, the Accounting and Math exams were pretty much as easy as I expected them to be. I had one difficulty on the Accounting exam, where I couldn’t get two numbers to match, but I think that was a mistake on the part of Mr. G. I think he typed in a wrong number – so I just fudged my numbers a little bit to make them match. Yes, I’m a true accountant. I should get a job at Enron or Worldcom or something.

On the Math exam, I had a couple questions that gave me trouble. There was one of them that I remember doing before and getting the right answer, but I just couldn’t remember how I did it. I sat there for a while trying to figure it out, but as I looked up at the clock and realized that it was 2:00, meaning I could get out of the exam room, I decided that I wasn’t likely going to figure out even with the extra half hour,…Continue Reading

Water Fights and Freezie Frights

Today was awesome. It didn’t start out that way, though. The Biology exam was pretty brutal; it wasn’t terribly hard, but Mrs. Houtman decided to make us choose 15 of 20 short answer questions as well as several sets of 2 of 3 problem-solving questions. So basically, I spent about five or ten minutes just figuring out what questions I had to do. Honestly, I’d rather just be told what to do instead of having to sit there and figure out what I do or don’t know. Anyways, with that said, it still wasn’t all that horrible, and I think I did pretty well on it.

I got home to a dark, quiet house. The hydro people had given everyone in the area advanced notice that today the power was going to be off for about five hours. I got home and quickly realized just how boring life really is without the computer, TV, or music. I didn’t even have a microwave to make lunch with – I ended up eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich on half-frozen bread – since, of course, I couldn’t thaw it in any way. I went upstairs and resigned myself to a dismal five hours. Within about ten minutes or so, however, my day brightened quite a bit. Melissa phoned me up and told me to come over – I figured anything was better than sitting in a boring house for five hours, so I quickly agreed. I changed my pants to at…Continue Reading

The Strange Happenings

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Today was a pretty strange day. It wasn’t strange overall, but there were a whole bunch of little random things that happened. And since I figured I’d just tell you all what happened today anyways, I’ll try to remember all the strange little details that happened.

It all started when I woke up. But since nothing interesting happened until I got to school, I’ll skip ahead to then. I went into the little room and set down my bag, getting out the stuff I needed to study from. Melissa came in a few seconds after that, and very shortly thereafter, so did the strangeness. I forget whether it was Steph or Bethany in the room at the time as well (I think it was Steph), but Melissa started talking about her mom. Then, out of nowhere, she mentions that her mom calls me Jeffy. I’m not sure exactly when she decided to do this, but it almost scares me. I mean, I swear this woman has more mood swings than, well, Melissa herself. First she hated me, then she decided I wasn’t so bad, then she hated me again, and now she’s calling me Jeffy. I can’t stand that name. There’s only one person in this world that I’ve let call me that – and that’s Kim from Quizno’s. I didn’t let her at first either, but eventually I just gave up and let her, because she wouldn’t stop. I’m not exactly sure what possessed Mrs. Staats to call me…Continue Reading