Disjointed Thinking is the personal blog belonging to Jeff Hughes. It has no set topic or theme, but generally tends to involve discussions of religion, atheism, psychology, science, morality, philosophy, and politics. Often these topics intermingle and are difficult to disentangle. They also tend to have wide-ranging consequences for culture and society. Because of this importance, this blog attempts to explore some of the issues that arise from these topics.

As you can see from the archives on the side, this blog has been up and running since late 2004. I was in high school when I started the blog, and as such, it is possible to catch a glimpse into my own growth and development from a teenager into an adult. There have been many significant changes in my own personal views since that time—please keep that in mind if you decide to delve into the archives.

I truly hope that you enjoy this blog. It has been my heart and soul for so many years. I’ve tried to be incredibly open and honest in my writings, and I hope that comes through clearly. I always appreciate discussion, so please feel free to leave comments. I want to hear what you have to say! Thanks, and welcome to Disjointed Thinking!

Comment Policy

As a strong advocate of free speech, I do my best to keep an open forum for all people who wish to comment. I do not tolerate spam, but otherwise I will not generally moderate comments based on their content. I do reserve the right to edit/delete comments as I see fit, and may do so if they promote illegal activity, or I deem them to be overly offensive. However, this will typically be a last resort. I wish to respect my readers by providing an open forum, and so I would appreciate the respect returned to both myself and other commenters. Hopefully, in this fashion, we can all have a level-headed discussion and leave better off than we started.