New Design!

New and improvedIt’s about time for a fresh new design! That’s right. My blog has a new look…hope you like it!

When I first transferred over to WordPress, I went with the Atahualpa theme. It’s a great theme, with lots of customization options, so I’d highly recommend it. But after a while, even those many options started to get a bit restrictive for me. And since I’ve also been doing some web design on the side, I’ve been working with WordPress themes a little bit and have a better understanding of how they function. So I decided I needed to create my own custom theme, from the ground up.

So you’re looking at my redesign! For those that are interested, it’s using HTML5, a bit of font embedding with Google Web Fonts, and a great custom homepage that brings more attention to the primary categories that my posts fall into. I have complete control over how it looks, without having to crunch through someone else’s code. I even set up a nice little script that allows me to edit the style.css file using the built-in WordPress editor, then click a button and create a minified CSS file that will automatically be found and used on the site. I’ve got better control over the mobile version of the blog, as well as a custom Archives page (though that was there before the redesign).

In short, I’m pretty happy with the new design. I think it keeps all the features I like from the previous design, and adds in some stuff that will hopefully make it easier for me and better for you, the readers. So welcome, one and all, to the new Disjointed Thinking. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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