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Sixth birthday of Disjointed Thinking

The First Six Years

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my blog. Six years! I can’t believe it’s been that long. Well, in some ways, it feels like I’ve had this thing forever. In Internet years, it’s on the verge of becoming a senior citizen. So before I go further in this post, let’s raise a celebratory glass of any liquid you’ve got handy and toast to a wonderful six years of randomness, irrelevancy, and just a hint of honest sincerity. Truly disjointed thinking if ever I saw it. Here’s to another six years!Continue Reading

New Blog Address!

Welcome to the new home of Disjointed Thinking!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had created a new personal website for myself. Because this included buying some webspace of my own, I figured that it was a good idea to move my blog over as well. So, if you’ll notice at the top, the blog has a new web address. If you’ve previously bookmarked it, please update your bookmark to reflect the change.Continue Reading

Access and Accessibility

For the past few days, I’ve been hard at work creating a personal website for myself. It’s sort of like a portfolio, but a little more flexible than just that. I wanted a place to tie together everything that I do online into one spot. So, in lieu of an “official” announcement, here is my new personal website. It’s still somewhat of a work in progress, but for about two days of work, I think it looks pretty good. Because I now have webspace, I will likely be moving this blog there, so you can likely expect some changes in the next few days.Continue Reading

A Hymn to Humanity

This past weekend was Thanksgiving up here in Canada, which for me was pleasantly spent at my aunt and uncle’s place. They let me sleep on the couch and fed me delicious food, and got some of the family together for Thanksgiving dinner. On the whole, it was great, other than the fact that I was tired pretty much the whole time. I’m not even sure why.

But of course, Thanksgiving is always a time to reflect on the things for which one is thankful – which is, coincidentally, why it has that name. I always have so much to be thankful for, though of course, I don’t always act that way. I have a loving and supportive family, some great friends, and a great deal of privilege living as a white middle-class male in a democratic Western country in the 21st century. These are all things that I often take for granted, yet they are all important parts of who I am. And when I reflect, I am always grateful for these things.

But this year, I am also thankful for something more general. I am glad to be human. That might seem sort of an odd thing to say. After all, if I weren’t human, I wouldn’t even be able to express my thankfulness. If I were some other sort of animal, I guess I might be able to be glad to be a dog, or a horse, or a caterpillar, or a chimpanzee. But humans have such…Continue Reading