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An Atheist’s Defense of Religion

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There is no consensus among atheists about the proper way to treat religion. Prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens don’t seem to give any credence to any form of religion, thinking that we’d be better off if we just got rid of it entirely. However, not all atheists think this way, and some either see some value in religion or else just feel it best to leave the whole mess alone. I’d like to give my own views on this issue, since I tend to write about religion a lot, and I think it is an important issue to talk about if atheists attempt to give any sort of semi-unified approach to religion. I’d love to hear what others have to say, however, whether atheist or religious believer, and I welcome disagreement.

When thinking about one’s beliefs, I think that the primary consideration is the truth value of those beliefs. I place a high importance on truth, because I see truth as valuable – both in and of itself, as well as for the usefulness that it brings us. I think that most atheists would agree with this sentiment, and since they believe that it is false that God exists, they think that religion is false. But I think this is being a bit too hasty. Religion is more than simply a collection of beliefs. So while beliefs can be true or false (or perhaps, accurate or inaccurate), “religion” as a whole cannot be true or false. There…Continue Reading