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Democracies and Dictators

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I’ve been in Vancouver visiting my parents for a little over a week now. I flew over a week ago Thursday and then spent some time with them. My sister also arrived this past Friday, so we are going to be doing some family stuff and whatnot. It should be good. They just recently packed up and moved to Vancouver, so this is the first time either of us have been in their new place.

Of course, because my dad got his new job at a church out here (which was the reason for the move), they have been eager to show off the church and introduce us to a bunch of people. That’s all well and good – I would much rather be sleeping in like I’m used to now on Sunday, but it’s interesting to see how this church handles their services and such. It’s a really large church building, though the congregation is not large enough to fill it, but they seem to do things pretty well. Their worship team is pretty good (much better than the one in Brantford – and I can say that since I was part of it for years), and I enjoy the pastor much better than the one in Brantford as well. So, I’ll put up with a church service or two if it will make my parents happy, and then I can go back to being a blissful heathen by sleeping in every Sunday and increasing my free time each…Continue Reading

Musings on Marriage

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I have apparently crossed a milestone in my life. I am now at the age where all my friends seem to be getting married. I’m not entirely sure why. I just keep seeing notifications on my Facebook feed about people getting engaged or married and even having children. These are people my age, and even a couple years younger, getting married. I’m only 22 – I thought that was supposed to be young!

Now, this scares me on a couple levels. First off, I feel nowhere near mature enough to be settling down with someone, finding a permanent job, etc. Facing the prospect of graduation and then more grad school to come, I feel like I’m just getting started with life. I still feel like a kid who has no idea what he’s doing, and I can’t possibly fathom how a person of 20 years could feel like they’re ready to settle down. I mean, when I was a little kid, 20 years old seemed like you were reaching senior citizen status, but now it feels like 22 is the new “terrible twos”. Secondly, it kind of scares me that these people have been dating their significant others for years now – and I, on the other hand, haven’t had a date where I really connected with the person in years. This makes me feel way too far behind on the game; thinking about this for too long makes me have the impulsive urge to take up knitting in preparation…Continue Reading