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Ethics and Emotions

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Every once in a while, I do something rash. I do something so reckless and unpredictable that I even frighten myself. This has recently happened again: I just got Twitter. Oh my, how could you, Jeff?

Well, despite my objections to the watering down of human communication to 140 characters, I was finally worn down and persuaded by a number of people mentioning the cool things happening on it. I decided that I’d set up an account primarily just to “follow” a few people that I had heard about, but I can already pretty much tell that I’m going to be addicted to this thing forever. Well, maybe not addicted. But I have so many random thoughts that come to me throughout the day, and Twitter is pretty much the perfect medium to tell other people about those thoughts. I suppose that most of these thoughts are ones that no one else in the entire world really cares about, but still – they are mildly amusing at times and need to be shared. So, at least for the near future, it appears that I am “on Twitter”. So, any person who actually reads my blog should head over there and follow me, and then I will be happy because the number will go up by one, making me seem like less of a loser.

I’ve also put links to it on the side of my blog, along with my independent music project called Aletheia. There’s not much to…Continue Reading