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The Negatives of Nationalism

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Now that I’ve finally got my honours thesis proposal finished and handed in, I finally have some time to sit back and relax. Well, except that I have to work on studying for the GRE. So perhaps not so much relaxing. But at any rate, I’m taking a break from that, so I’ll write something here instead. Maybe it will help my vocabulary skills for the verbal section of the GRE. The more loquacious I am, the more efficacious it will be. I hope I’m using those words properly…

Anyway, with the G8 and the G20 coming up in the near future, and with the World Cup in full swing, it seems as good a time as any to talk about nationalism. I wrote a few things about this on Facebook during the Olympics, and I don’t think people were too pleased with me. It’s at times like these (events that are in a global context) that nationalism and patriotism tend to emerge. To be honest, I find the attitude fairly repulsive. During the Olympics, everyone had their Canada hat and mitts on, and there were Canadian flags everywhere. Perhaps it was partially the drastic change (since Canadians normally aren’t really known for their blatant patriotism), but I found it fairly distasteful. I mean, the Olympic spirit is fairly benign and is certainly not going to fuel any large-scale war or anything, but it reinforces the attitude to be carried over into other contexts. So let me explain a bit…Continue Reading