Rumours and Religions

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I have another short thing to talk about tonight (so soon, you ask?). I’ll try to keep this one short, since I always tend to go on longer than I meant to, but since I’m already wasting words with what I’m saying right now, I can’t promise anything. I just wanted to a) get my rant down from being the top post, and b) say a little about what happened last night. So here goes!

Last night I had the opportunity to hang out with Angelie, an old friend of mine. We really haven’t spoken much in quite some time, just due to what happens when people my age go off to college/university. Life happens. But now she is living in the same city as me, so we had the chance to catch up. I mean, we are also both taking the same class online this term, so we were technically also studying for that, but we ended up doing a little bit of both. Anyway, at one point during the night, she gave a long pause and then said, “So, there’s a rumour going around…” Uh-oh. I knew it could only be one thing. I sort of cringed inside and waited for what she would say and how she would say it. She asked me about what was going on with my beliefs, and luckily enough for me (and perhaps her as well), she seemed genuinely interested in what happened. Of course, she was pretty shocked. To be honest, it still shocks me to think about sometimes. My life before this point was so wrapped up in Christianity that it still seems impossible for me to believe that it’s all changed. But at the same time, the strangeness of it has sort of worn off for me. I’m at least getting used to it. And that’s, I think, a good thing.

So we had a good little chat about what’s been going on with me. I was actually really glad that she did ask. I know that it is, or at least has the possibility of being, an awkward conversation. She wouldn’t know what led me to this point, and I didn’t know how she was going to react to it. But right now, for me, I really don’t know how many people actually know about my change in beliefs. It’s not something I generally bring up, although I don’t mind talking about it if someone asks. But that just means that there are probably some of my friends out there who know about it, or have heard something about it, but just find it too awkward to ask about. I wish I could find those people and reassure them that I’m still me. Sure I may have changed a bit, but deep down, I’m still the same guy that I always was. I wish I could just tell them that so they wouldn’t have to sit there silently and wonder. As much as it was a painful process for me, it has also been a freeing experience that I would love to tell them about. I would be happy to tell them about the good and the bad.

So I’m glad she asked. And I’m also glad that she was interested in what I had to say. She didn’t argue with me, although I’m sure there are things that I believe now that she certainly doesn’t. I know I’m naturally a fairly argumentative person. Typically, I play the “devil’s advocate” a lot – I’ll take the opposite side and start arguing, even if I actually agree with the person. But at the same time, I really do see it as a mark of maturity to seek to understand first. I don’t always do that, although I am certainly trying. I remember when I took World Religions class back in high school, I would learn about what another religion believed and snort to myself, “Pphh, that’s pretty stupid.” I’m working on quieting that reflex. I think it’s pretty clear that understanding what someone means first before arguing with them about it tends to work a little bit better. If only someone had told that to my younger self. Well, maybe they did and I just argued with them about it…

Anyway, that’s about all I wanted to say about last night. It was good to see Angelie again, and I at least caught up with her a little bit. At one point I also mentioned my blog address to her, so she might be popping by. If so, hi! You’ve got a whole post about you…how about that, eh? If you want a good summary of my whole journey, it’s kind of scattered throughout a few posts, but this one might give you a bit of a taste at least.

Alright, hey, that wasn’t that long, was it? Pretty short for me, anyway…

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If you are reading this welcome. I think you will find this a pleasant place to come by for a short spell and visit with our gracious host and his disjointed thinking.

His story to me is very unique. If some one told me that some young, cool kid working at Quiznos after school, who came from a nice family with at least one cool cousin, and this kid claimed Christ as his Saviour would some how become an Atheist, I wouldn't believed it.

Not that I'm an expert on Atheists, actually I'm quite new to them, but I had no idea they could be like Jeff. (so likable).
That's what is so enchanting about him and this site? That, or I just need to get out more?

Next time you see Jeff, tell him how to spell "Rumors".

Dueces, feeno


I think I'm the "at least one cool cousin" – or maybe that is wishful thinking on my part! LOL So hey, Angelie! I see you are on the book called face as well… I saw a posting on Jeff's "wall". Glad you were able to catch up with Jeff a bit. He is one cool guy, as well…and his blog is very well written and thoughful and insightful.

Also, Angelie, if you are reading this, feeno is a decent and cool guy as well. But apparently, he doesn't know that rumours is spelt with "ou" in Canada! LOL Just joshing you, feeno!

Great posting, Jeff. It's always nice to catch up with old friends you haven't seen in a while.


Oh, yah… how are the videos going, Jeff?



What is up my friend. Hope all is well. I haven't spent as much time around the computer lately. Although I did just figure out how to start new posts. That's why I have 3 blogs. I thought I was starting a new post? Whatever. So now I think I'll right something small and new about every week or so? Check it out if you get time.

I don't hear to many new arguments over at DC, just new people re-hashing the same old stuff. I like to comment when I can, but don't like to "force" a comment, just for the sake of commenting. Know what I mean? I did however feel I had a brilliant couple of comments on the "should Atheists send their kids to church" post?

Are you enjoying your summer?
What up with Angelie?
When will you graduate?
Am I being nosey?

We have lost a few games this session, but we are playing very good teams in a very competitive league. Our record has dropped to 7-4, but 2 of those games we lost in the last at bat. I kinda feel responsible, I haven't hit to well the past 3 games, hopefully all that will change come Mon. night?

Late, feeno



Of course you are the "at least one cool cousin"

Peace, feeno


Haha I always kinda wondered why you had several blogs with only one post on 'em…just never got around to asking 😛 But yeah sure, I bookmarked the one that looks like your main blog, and I'll be sure to check it out 🙂

(By the way, I read the story you put up about your life…haha very interesting! You sound like…well…a completely normal individual. Although I find it funny that you were a worse kid than I was 😛 )

Anyway, yeah I'm enjoying my summer. It's almost over though! I'm going to be back in school soon enough, which I'm actually looking forward to. About the third month of every term I start getting antsy and want a change of pace. So it should be good to get back into the rhythm of school 🙂

Angelie? Well I'm not sure what happened to her. She may very well have forgotten to check out my blog, I don't know. Or maybe she did but just didn't say anything. No clue there.

To your third question, I'll be graduating in May 2011 if all goes well. That's at least the plan anyway 🙂

And to question number four, yes you are 😛 Haha just kidding!

Anyway, every ball player has his down times. I'm sure you'll pick it back up soon!