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Questions with No Answers

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I’ve been having some thoughts running through my head for the past little while. I’ve been thinking a lot about evil. I know that sounds a little strange, but there have been a few factors that have contributed to these thoughts. I’ve been focusing a lot on ethics for the past while, trying to decide which system of ethics I think is most reasonable. That sort of plays into these thoughts. The biggest factor, obviously, is that I’m currently taking a course online about Evil. It’s a Religious Studies course, and it is all about how different religious systems and religious people define and understand evil. It’s been fairly interesting so far, and what I’ve found most interesting are the books that we have had to read. There are three in total, along with some other selected chapters, but I’ve just finished the second one of three. The first was by Helen Prejean entitled “Dead Man Walking”, and it talks all about capital punishment in America. Prejean was a nun who acted as spiritual advisor to several men on death row. I also just finished a book by Elie Wiesel called “Night.” Elie was a Jew who survived the horrors of the concentration camps. The book is so devoid of all descriptors, so matter-of-fact, and yet it’s so poignant. So I figured I should put some of my thoughts down while they are still fresh.

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