Parties for Presidents

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Wow, what a day. Today was the big inauguration ceremony of the 44th President of the United States. And boy, was it a grand occasion! It’s a moment in history that we have just gone through, folks. The first black president is nothing to shake a stick at (whatever that means). I skipped class today in order to watch the ceremony. I figured, what’s more interesting, graphs of normal distributions – something I learned in high school anyway – or watching a timeless moment of history in the making? I think the choice is obvious.

Today was a tremendous day, not just for Democrats that had their moment of success today, but for everyone. It wasn’t just for the Democrats, nor for the African-Americans, nor for even just the Americans. The whole world is affected by this moment, and the whole world, I think, should be proud of it, no matter where your political persuasions lie. Today is the day that the last nail is driven into the coffin of racial discrimination. Certainly the problem isn’t completely over, but it shows that Americans have gotten past it. Today is a day when America as a whole shifts direction – whether you see that as a good or a bad thing, you must at least agree that it’s a significant one. And of course, today is the day that marks the beginning of change.

Now, I’m not all sold out on Obama’s platform of “change” and “hope” and all that. I’m much too cynical when it comes to politics to believe that Obama will solve all the world’s problems. But I certainly see potential for something greater there. Although his speech was less than grandiose, I felt it was inspirational. He fully acknowledged the problems faced by Americans, and then discussed how he plans on solving them – not with the same brute-force methods that the last eight years have used, but with a return to the timeless values and the ideals of Americans (and I would add, of people as a whole) that founded the country. What his speech lacked in grandeur, it made up for with depth and passion. I have no doubt that Obama will make his own mistakes, but I think that if he truly meant what he said, then he is on a firm foundation for instituting real, positive change.

All in all, the ceremony reminded me a lot of a hockey or football game. As the past presidents and other dignitaries were being announced and coming in, it just felt very much like the announcement of the starting lineup of a sports team. All they were missing were numbers on their backs, and it would have been perfect. But talk about a crowd coming out! Apparently, the Lincoln Memorial is two miles away from Capitol Hill, and yet there was a crowd of people packing out the whole area. Now that’s what I call a huge crowd.

At any rate, on a somewhat shallower note, I’m glad that the celebrations went off without incident. Part of me was actually expecting a gunman to snipe off Obama during his speech. I mean, there are some crazy, racist people out there, some of which I’m sure would do it if given the chance. I’m just glad that they apparently weren’t given such a chance. It was good to know that such a momentous occasion – the swearing-in of the first African-American president – could go off without a hitch. So here’s to America today. Sure we don’t always agree with you all the time, and sure sometimes you bully us a bit too much, but hey – we’re like family. And in the end, we always need to celebrate the happy occasions of our family members. Here’s to hoping that the next four years are filled with optimism and confidence in the face of difficult moments, and real, positive change in the face of difficulty. Because you know, we’re all planning on trading with China instead if Obama doesn’t do something quick…

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Trading with China?! Yikes! We’re all doomed to die from lead poisoning… I know it was a joke???

I wasn’t able to watch the inauguration as I was working, but was able to see part of the parade after it. To be honest, I think Obama looked to be bored out of his mind. I’m sure he was fine at the beginning, but after an hour or so, I think I would be bored, too!

What I don’t understand with President Obama is why people are not acknowledging the fact that he is half white as well. Wouldn’t you think that this would be a good thing – to be inter-racial in America? Wouldn’t you think that him being both black and white would show the American people to unite as one and it’s a wonderful thing to have many races in your blood?! Oh, well… what can you do?

Well, that’s my comment for this blog entry.

Talk to ya later, cuz!



I did not vote for Pres. Obama. But I felt great pride for our country today for the obvious reason which you mentioned. I could not help to think of all the people who struggled and fought so hard for this day. Many gave their lives so that someday a day like this could happen. It will be an exciting 4-8 yrs?

Thanks for the shout out eh, The Big Yank


Hey Corinne…yeah that’s a good question. I think it’s mostly that, you know, the last 43 presidents have all been white, so it’s not so big a deal. But yeah, I think he was really promoted as the first “post-racial” president, so that kind of goes into the whole mixed race thing a little I guess. But I don’t think it’s the ceremony that would bore me…apparently he and his wife had to go to something like 10 inauguration balls afterwards. I think THAT would get a little monotonous after a while…

And feeno, you’re absolutely right. It’s going to be an interesting next few years, for sure!