Marriage, Movies, and More

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Earlier today I had something to write about. I was at work at the time, but by the time I had loaded up the page to start writing out my blog, I had forgotten what it was. It still doesn’t seem to have come back to me, but let me instead just write down some of the random thoughts I’ve had in the past little while. They are in no particular order, and of no particular importance.

1. Very recently I discovered one of the fundamental rules of city buses. Having spent a fair amount of time on them over the years, I have figured out something very important about them. I’d like to name it Hughes’s Law, but that might already be taken for something that’s actually of relevance to anything. Anyway, the law is this: If you are ever sitting in one of those two-seaters when the bus is reasonably full, the person who sits down next to you will never be attractive in any way, shape, or form. A significant percentage of these people will also smell like old cheese.

2. There seems to be an extraordinary number of people that have gotten engaged recently. I suppose that it’s because my friends and I are getting into that age bracket, but it just seems that everyone has run out and proposed to everyone else. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), that cannot be said of me. Anyway, I am happy for all those that are preparing to tie the knot, but I just have run out of energy in trying to congratulate them all. Moreover, I personally have my…hesitations…about those getting married around my age. I mean, I don’t want to doubt the stability of their marriages, and many of them may very well turn out fine, but considering the marriage statistics, especially for those who get married in their early 20s, I just have some misgivings about the whole thing. At any rate, it kind of scares me that all my friends seem to be pairing off and exchanging rings, and I don’t feel ready to be married by any means. Does that say something about me, or about them? I’m not really sure. All I know is that I’d like to wait until I know what the heck I want to do with my life before deciding who I want to do it with. Of course, that doesn’t seem to be a problem at this point, since I’m single anyway. It’s a relatively easy decision when you have no options anyway.

3. A few days ago I watched the movie “Jesus Camp”, a documentary about an evangelical Christian camp in the States. I can honestly say that it scared me – much of what they were telling the kids was politically infused, to the point where they brought out a cardboard cut-out of George Bush and were blessing him. I have no problem with praying for leaders, but part of me (or really, much of me) wonders if they’d have done the same if Al Gore was the president. Considering their stance on global warming – a lady at the beginning of the movie was teaching her kids that it was a myth – I kind of doubt it. But at any rate, the movie was frightening. It was similar to my own background (Pentecostal, evangelical, charismatic, etc.), but more extreme. Saying that, though, it seems that the difference is one of degree rather than kind.

At any rate, with all that said, I really have no way of knowing if the documentary was biased in what they showed. They may have distorted it or taken pieces out of context. However, I disagreed with some of what they did, no matter whether it was in context or out of it. It felt like I was watching a live demonstration of how to brainwash little children. The leader of the camp, at the beginning of the movie, even herself compared it to those kids in Palestine who teach children to pick up guns and become soldiers. How this is supposed to be translated into a good thing when changed into a message about Jesus (and the government, and evolution, and pro-life, etc.), is beyond me. Teaching your children values and beliefs is one thing. But taking advantage of a child’s naivety to indoctrinate them with your politically charged goals is another thing entirely. It’s frightening.

4. Christmas has snuck up on me again this year. Luckily, I managed to get the bulk of my Christmas shopping done this past weekend. That made me feel pretty good; I just have a few things left to get, and I’ll do that this coming weekend. Along with that, I am able to get home a few days earlier than originally expected – my co-op job was originally scheduled until the 23rd, just because of the day of the week Christmas is on this year, but my boss informed us that we would be able to bank up our hours to take the Monday and Tuesday off, if we wished. Of course, getting those two days off means I can get the extra weekend as well, so I’m definitely taking advantage of that. It’s always nicer to be able to do Christmas shopping with a car available.

However, as I said, Christmas has snuck up on me this year. Right now I’m just not really feeling the whole Christmas spirit. Maybe it’s because my house here isn’t decorated for it. Perhaps I’ll catch the Christmas fever once I go home for the holidays. Who knows? Christmas is always a family affair. Of course, this year will be a little different since my sister is half-way around the world. It should be interesting. I’ve already shipped off my present to her through Amazon, but it’s of course not the same as seeing the person open it right in front of you. But oh well. Christmas is Christmas, and it’s always a good time of year no matter what is thrown at you. So for now, I just need to figure out how to get into the spirit of it. Maybe some eggnog might do the trick. Or maybe I’ll pass on that. Blech.

5. I really want this term to hurry up and finish already. It’s been a decent term, and I’ve enjoyed my time working at WatPD, but it’s gotten to that point that always comes when you just want it to be done, and get onto something new. I want to get back to school – it means I can sleep in more, and do less work. Or maybe not less work, but rather work that offers more flexibility in when I do it. It’s tiring to go to work every day for 8 hours a day – with school, you have classtime, but then you’re free to do your assignments whenever you wish. Before the due date, of course. But if I want, I can do an essay at 3 in the morning, which really isn’t possible with a full-time job, unless you work on the night shift or something. I think that, if possible, I’d like to get a career where my hours are flexible. I don’t think I’m cut out for the 9-5 day.

Speaking of which…

6. I’ve been trying to do some career planning. I realized recently that I’m going to be going into my 3A term. That just doesn’t seem right, as I feel like I should still be in high school as far as my maturity level goes, but that’s where I stand. It’s kind of unnerving to realize that I’m in my second-to-last year of university and I still have absolutely no idea what I want to do with the degree that I’ve spent exorbitant amounts of money to get. I mean, statistically speaking, I likely won’t even use the degree I get, or if I do, I’ll only use it for a little while and then get onto an average of 7 other careers. Kind of makes you wonder why the piece of paper is so important if no one seems to use it anyway. But whatever. I think I would like to get into some area of psychological research, but I’m not really sure what field I’m interested. Psychology is such a broad discipline that it’s hard to know what I’m really interested in. And it’s important to know that so that I can plan out the upper-year courses I want to take. Everything starts to specialize, and I don’t want to try something just to find out I’m totally not interested in it, then have to end up taking an extra term. I mean, that’s not the end of the world, but I’d like to avoid it if possible.

At any rate, I did a few of those career quizzes that try to tell you what you’re good at, and a few of them mentioned scientists or researcher, so I think I’m on the right track, which is good. Of course, some of them also said computer programmer, technician, or web developer, so I really don’t know whether they’re just kind of throwing random jobs out there and hoping one sticks. But either way, I think that psychology is at least broad enough to be useful in a variety of areas. So, even if I have no idea what I want to do, the options are somewhat open to me. I’m just not looking forward to the fact that if I want to be a researcher, I’ll likely need to end up getting a Ph. D. Ugh, too much schooling. But oh well. We’ll see what the future holds, I suppose. It just takes too long to get there. Unless my future holds the invention of a time machine, in which case it might take a lot less time. That might be nice.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. I think six random thoughts are good enough. I could try for a seventh, but I think it might be stretching things. It would likely have something to do with cheesecake, because cheesecake is good. Very good. But at any rate, there we go. That’s all, folks.

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I’ve only just recently come across your blog. I don’t know why I couldn’t remember the name of it. Doi on my part considering most of us Hughes or half-Hughes’ what ever the case may be, have disjointed thinking! Great title, btw for someone taking psychology.

It’s cool to see the ups and downs that you are experiencing in your life since I don’t see a whole lot of you now that all of us cousins are grown up…what does that mean, anyway?

I’d just like to say that with this entry, I can relate to most, if not all, of what you said. I know that it was a random thing and you didn’t know really what to write, but it was interesting??? none the less!

I’m 31 and still don’t think I’m ready to get married… I want to, but am I stable enough? I’m half-Hughes, so maybe not. Yes, the 20s are early now a days for taking the plunge! I think that many people think that it’s the proper thing to do, and everyone is doing it, so why not?

I’ve heard about the video that that you mentioned, and yes, it takes Christianity and being “saved” to the extreme, IMHO. Religion and Christianity, shouldn’t be pushed on someone. It’s a personal choice and a personal relationship with God. It shouldn’t be forced on any one. BTW I saw you last entry, and I’m glad that you are choosing for yourself what you believe and why you believe and what you believed and believed in the first place. Again, it’s an individual choice, not for someone else to dictate. Everyone can disagree, but search for answers yourself! Thank you for being you!

The bus scenario, I can’t really relate to, but now that I’ve said it, it probably will happen. I am sooo, looking forward to that!

Life choices, I can totally relate to. It took me almost 25 or 30 years to see that I wanted to have my own business in graphic design and retail and to write books. Both on very different ends of the universe, but can have a happy medium somewhere between Jupiter and the Pegasus galaxy. I’m sure that they will eventually land on Earth (-: They are just only seeing the fruits of my early morning and late night labour. The business college background has helped.

So it may take a number of years to see what exactly that fancy degree you are earning will do for you. Maybe, nothing. I sure hope not! All that money! Oh, boy! I know of someone who didn’t know he wanted to be a doctor until he was 24. I imagine he would have been the oldest in his class. But, who knows, maybe in your last year of university, you will know precisely what it is you need to and want to do. Maybe it will be a year later. Just remember, it shouldn’t be something that you do, it should be something that you are.

Anyway, that’s my cousinly meandering. Hope to see you at Christmas. I’m not sure exactly what is going on for the holidays, but hope it’s a good one for you! Yes, I used a lot of !!!! in this comment!!!

You oldest cousin on the Hughes side and most disjointed of them all,


PS If it shows that I removed the precious comment, I had major typos in it! Darn dyslexia!


Hey Corinne,

Glad to see you found your way to my blog 😀 Thanks for the comment, it’s nice to know that someone understood my rambling. But perhaps it’s a Hughes thing – it takes one to know one, perhaps. Anyway, yeah, have a good holidays as well! I’m sure I’ll likely see you at some point during them, but I don’t think it hurts to say it more than once. See ya later!


W’sup Jeff

I know this is kinda late considering you wrote your blog before Christmas, but I only came across it today and liked what you wrote.

I know who you are from the Debunking Christianity site and followed you here. Hope that’s O.K.

As much as I like John’s site sometimes it’s just nice to talk to the person, and not the atheist or the Christian.

Anyway, I love the Hughes Law, not sure I know who he is, but what you say is so true. If you will allow me to elaborate. A few years ago I was going to S.C. from Cincinnati to pick up an old truck to bring home. So I went Greyhound. Maybe There were other people thinking the same thing as me, but I thought I was the only non freak on the bus. The bus was filling up fast when a pitiful, hobo looking, handicapped old man came aboard looking for a place to sit. Because of the Hughes Law he couldn’t sit next to me, because Mrs. Hughes herself was sitting next to me. But people were actually trying to get him thrown off the bus because of his smell. I felt totally horrible about his situation, and felt helpless to do anything about it. As the angry passengers complaints started to get louder and louder, one voice was heard above the rest, a very young girl, maybe 17 or 18 yelled at everyone on the bus, told them what a bunch of pathetic losers we all were and invited the old guy to sit with her. I’ll never forget the courage that little girl showed. I still feel like a wuss that I didn’t do something sooner. (I think that was a little of topic ?)

Marriage is easy to figure out. Not saying easy to do, just easy to figure out. The key is marrying
the right girl. Be patient and the right one will come along. We got married when we were both 21.
that was 24 years ago. But your right my daughter will be 21 in about 12 days, she can’t keep her room clean and her car out of the body shop. Couldn’t imagine her being married.

I am a believer, but I to hate it when politics is preached/taught at any church. Although to me the Abortion issue is more than politics. but I could care less about all the other stuff and how it relates to the church.

We all get together at my parents around Thanksgiving/Christmas, It’s the only time we have Egg Nog.
Can’t tell you if I like it or not cause all you taste is the Kentucky Bourbon they pour in it.
Maybe that’s the only way we can drink it?

Dude, I know you think I’m old, after all I am, but I’ve never really left my high school maturity level. And working with the yutes at my church isn’t helping much either. Their all a bunch a goofs. So don’t be in to big of a hurry to “mature” sometimes just being a goof is cool.

My daughter has only about 1 year of college left. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in spanish. ( her mama is a Mexican-American.) Even though I never went to college, I kinda understand what your going through.

Honestly the only reason I made it out of high school was because none of the faculty wanted me back.
But I got that piece of paper. And in the end your piece of paper will make you a lot of money, and in these uncertain times it will be of a benefit to you.

Thanks for the space, you may never even know I wrote this, if you read my blog you’ll understand I’m very green about computers and don’t really know my way around them yet, but I’m learning.

Good luck in school. Peace out feeno


Hi there, feeno. Thanks for the comment! You’re right, it’s nice to get past all the labels that people have and talk to the real person instead. But thank you for the encouragement, the advice, and the general comments. Your story about the girl on the bus is actually quite impressive. She must have had a lot of guts to stand up to a bus-load of people. Then again, people are people, no matter how smelly 🙂

But at any rate, thanks for stopping by. Hope you stick around! My posts are quite random (as no doubt you’ve figured out already), but I try to be insightful. Whether I actually am or not I guess is up to you to decide! Haha have a good one.