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Happy Birthday Blog!

Wow. Halloween has come around once again, and with it comes the birthday of my blog! Yes sir, my blog is now officially four years old. It’s crazy to think back to just how much has gone on in those past four years. When I look back at my previous posts, I see a lot of me that has changed, and yet I also see a lot of me that has stayed the same. These really have been my formative years, where I have struggled through much and begun to set out on my own. During this time, I’ve achieved a level of independence from my parents, and begun a whole new world at university. I’ve gone through difficult choices, ones that have serious implications for my life. I’ve gone through several jobs, both part-time and full-time, and shared plenty of joys and frustrations. This blog, really, is my life. This is me, freshly squeezed and in concentrated form. On here, all (or at least many) of my fears and failings, my joys and sorrows, my ups and downs, my best and worst, are documented. My thoughts, my dreams, my hopes and ambitions are all displayed, and I hope that you who read this, whether regularly or occasionally, can find something to glean from it. I have never written to a specific audience or group. I have only written to myself. But I do hope that this is not a useless endeavour. I sincerely hope and believe that someone may…Continue Reading

Same Difference

It seems that the last vestiges of my faith have slipped away. God, the gods, Yahweh, Brahman, Allah, and/or Tao have left me with nothing. How can I go on believing what I can no longer believe? How can I believe something which offers me no evidence? The staggering silence in the midst of my doubts has been like a slap in the face – misery compounded on misery. So it seems that my options include anything from deist or lower. I am not sure what I am yet, but I don’t see any way to reconcile my faith as a theist, or as a Christian, or whatever else you might have called me.

I don’t intend to get into all the details of why the evidence is largely underwhelming and ambiguous, nor how I went about my search. Some of that has been discussed in some of my other recent blog entries. I will say that my prayers have not been answered, and that, to me, was the final straw. It’s all well and good when you pray that you’ll have a good day and then it gets “answered,” but it seems that the prayers that ask for unambiguous evidence always get shunted. I’ve found that one of the most revealing questions that we can ask of the theist’s world is, “Why doesn’t God heal amputees?” A seemingly benign question, until you realize its implications.

But for the past little while, I’ve been doing a little informal experiment.…Continue Reading

Politics, Palin, and Poetry

Well, my last few blog entries have been pretty heavy – either philosophically, theologically, or scientifically. And while those are some of my favourite pursuits, I promised myself that I’d post a more light-hearted entry so anyone reading this doesn’t think that I read books on astrophysics in my spare time. (Although perhaps if I could understand it, I would…)

So I really don’t know what to say here, but that’s nothing new. I’ve had this blog for almost four years (its fourth birthday is coming soon!), and for most of that time I’ve had no idea what to say at all. I’ve just started writing, and it’s come to me. Like a revelation! Except less divinely inspired, and more, well, disjointed. And irrelevant. And meaningless.

At any rate, the first thing I want, and need, to say is that I am sick of politics. All that I ever hear about is politics and elections! Why would Harper do that to the Canadian people, calling an election so close to the American one? It’s malicious, I tell you. But with all current events focused on a) Sarah Palin, b) the Canadian election, or c) the financial meltdown, it’s hard to get a decent night’s sleep without having nightmares about how Sarah Palin would deal with said financial meltdown. I shudder just thinking about it. She probably thinks the stock market is some sort of outdoor farmers’ market. But at any rate, I’m sick of hearing about all this politics. I…Continue Reading