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The Trek Toward Truth

Over the past few days, I’ve been going through my past blog posts and adding “tags” to them. Tags are a good way to categorize entries in order to help people find specific posts more quickly. But the real reason I actually am taking the time to do this is basically just to read my old posts. It’s a way of seeing where the past three and a half years have taken me. It’s been an interesting process so far, although I’ve only made it to February 2005 (five months in). It’s quite a long process considering that for the first year, I blogged almost every day without fail. So, there’s a lot of stuff to read.

As I said, though, it’s been interesting to see just how things are different now from back then. In a lot of ways, I’ve changed – I’ve grown older, I’ve grown more mature (surprisingly!), and I’ve grown more independent. But in many ways, I’m still the same. I still struggle with many of the same issues. I still find myself agreeing with some things that I say – although not everything. It’s strange how much of a circular process life is – just one repetition after another, but hopefully with a little more success each time.

This blog truly shows the full range of human emotions – especially during the first few months. One post is all depressing or at least reflective, then the next is happy and fun-loving and totally ridiculous. In…Continue Reading

The Evolution of Belief

In the 1600s, a man named Galileo attempted to revolutionize the way we view astronomy. He did this by promoting and defending the work of a man named Copernicus, who had produced a theory of heliocentrism – the idea that the planets revolve around the sun. Up until that point, everyone believed in geocentrism – that the sun and all the planets revolved around the earth. Galileo’s actions resulted in several trials and clashes with the Church, who complained that such a view directly contradicted Scripture. Galileo himself, however, advocated that such a view did not contradict Scripture as long as Scripture was interpreted correctly – the writers of the Bible were obviously writing from the viewpoint of earth, so they saw the sun revolve around the earth. At any rate, the theory was banned for a while, then just declared false, but we all know which side eventually won out. While the Catholic Church had the Bible, which they revered as inspired, Galileo, and those who took up his cause after his death, had the evidence on their side. Now all science textbooks (obviously) present a heliocentric model of the solar system.

Today we have a new debate on our hands. Is evolution a fact? Or did God create the world in six days? Science claims that evolution is, indeed, a fact. Many churches, pastors, and theologians, as well as other organizations such as Answers in Genesis, however, believe in a literal, six-day creation event such as described in…Continue Reading