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Truman and the Truth

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This week, I’ve been fairly busy. And yet, somewhere in the past two days, I found the time to watch a movie and read an entire novel. So I decided to write about them both, since they both made me stop and ponder. Scary.

First off, I read The Da Vinci Code over the span of about a day and a half. I stayed up last night until about 1:15 AM just to finish it. I honestly just couldn’t put it down. It’s an excellent book – I highly recommend it to anyone, as long as you are intelligent enough to understand that it is a work of fiction and therefore to be taken with a very large grain of salt. I read it primarily to see what the whole fuss about it was, way back when it first came out. The Catholic church especially came out strong against it, and whole books were written about it to show how it was wrong. And to be quite honest, I can understand why this was the case. The book is written to draw you so completely into the storyline, and yet in the middle of the book, there is a quite detailed explanation about how apparently Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and so there are a bunch of little Jesuses running around, hidden by some secret society, and how the Church tried very hard to cover up this truth and destroy all the evidence. Because it’s inserted into the book…Continue Reading

Books and Boredom

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Books are amazing things. There are literally tons of books out there. A quick Google search found one estimate at about 65 million titles, and about 2.75 billion copies (although that’s obviously just an estimate). And what of these books? Some are good. Some are bad. Some are just plain terrible, and still others are completely ridiculous. But the fact remains that there are millions of books out there that you will never read in your lifetime. A mountains-worth of information lost.

But enough with the grand philosophizing. I am currently reading a book entitled “The Know-It-All: One Man’s Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World.” It’s written by a man named A.J. Jacobs, and so far it is deliciously good. This guy essentially decides that he is not smart enough, and so he sets out on a quest to read through the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. The whole thing. In the book, he points out interesting facts and random information, as well as some of his personal stories that occur during the reading of this ginormous encyclopedia. He registered for Mensa. He had an interview with Alex Trebek. He annoyed his wife by bringing up random, quirky facts during dinner parties. It’s truly a wonderful book to read, and his writing style is great.

I knew as soon as I saw the title on Amazon that I had to buy it. It was just too perfect for me. I am an insatiable gatherer of knowledge. I…Continue Reading