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Ads and Ideas

So what’s with this advertisement all of a sudden on the page, Jeff? Well, glad you asked. It was part of an ambitious plan that I had very recently that all fell apart.

Basically, I had this plan that I would create a website that was devoted to advertising. I was going to make it as much of a functional homepage as possible so people would switch over to making it their homepage, but the advertising on the page would raise money for charity. So, with my creative juices flowing and overflowing, I set to work. I started to work out the details, and I got to work at creating the website. I also went and bought web hosting to get it all set up.

Of course, as I looked into it more, the Terms of Service of most of the advertising programs specifically would not allow sites devoted to advertising. They also put limits on the numbers of other ads allowed on pages, etc. I wasn’t allowed to make mention of the ads or tell anyone to click on them – as well as not have any incentive for clicking on them. Those all pretty much ruled out the idea for my site. Bummer.

So, this ad at the top of my blog was intended to be one more source of fund-raising. Of course, I’ve now scrapped the idea, but I decided to leave the ad there anyways. Might as well, right? If you’re interested in something it’s displaying,…Continue Reading

Cats, Catholics, and Catharsis

I decided that a bit of an update was in order, after letting the cat out of the bag in the previous post. (Which brings me to this random and off-topic question: Where did that expression ever come from? I’m imagining some guy back in the olden days with a cat in a big potato sack, slung over his shoulder, and the bag is pulsating and flinging around wildly. Then he finally lets it out and it jumps on his face, leaving huge scratch marks…but at least he let the cat out of the bag!) That previous blog entry was very cathartic for me. It was something that needed to be said, and for some reason its sometimes easier to tell a random stranger (or the endless void of the Internet) about your deepest, darkest secrets than a trusted friend. Why? I don’t know. But when something needs to be said, it finds a way out. And thus, it found my way onto my blog in the form of an outrageously long post.

Since then, things have been a lot better. They’ve still been a bit up-and-down. I am still struggling to get back into the swing of things, but I am at least going to church once more and trying to remember to pick up and read my Bible on a regular basis. (On a side note, I didn’t make it to church last week, but that was because of the 50 cm of snow that formed a mountain…Continue Reading

The Story that Must Be Told

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I need to write something. I haven’t written anything here in two and a half months. And there’s a reason for that, beyond just “I didn’t feel like it” or “I forgot about it.” I’ve actually been debating whether I should spit out the reason or not. It’s something that, way back three years ago when I started this thing, I would quickly write down here and get it off my chest. But times have changed, and I’m not the same person I was back then. It also makes a difference when you know that people read this thing. But I can’t let that stop me because the story I’m about to tell must be told. Without telling this story, I will remain locked within who I am right now, and I can’t let that happen. It must be released, so that I can be released. And I know that doesn’t make any sense yet, so just hang on. It’ll all be explained.

So where to begin? Well, I guess I should start with where I am right now. I’m in Ottawa – I have been since the beginning of January. I’m here on co-op, working at Health Canada in the Public Opinion Research and Evaluation Division. That means I’m here in Ottawa, just south of the North Pole (or so it feels like, anyway), for four months, from January to April. I’ve certainly had an interesting time here so far – part of which I am going to get…Continue Reading