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Building the Biblical Basis

It has been an intriguing month or so, to say the least. Sometimes the fact that intellectual things of all sorts interests me more than anything else just plain scares me. But then I look at the alternative – sitting on the couch, watching mindless television – and I don’t mind so much.

So what happened this month? I don’t entirely know. Somehow Melissa and I got into a discussion about “church stuff.” She was raised in a Reformed church, and I was raised in a Pentecostal church. In case you don’t know, those are pretty much the polar opposites as far as Protestant churches go. Somehow we got onto the topic of infant baptism or something, and the difference between what my church believes about baptism versus what her church believes. Melissa decided to ask her mom to mail her catechism books to her, and when she received them, the discussion only intensified. As we found out the differences between our churches, one topic seemed to be the cause for all – or at least most – of the differences: predestination vs. free will.

You see, the Reformed church is a strong proponent of Calvinism, or predestination – the idea that God has chosen all those who will be saved beforehand, and “the elect,” as they are called, can do nothing to resist God’s grace. Then again, those who are not part of this elect can do nothing to receive God’s grace. In other words, God has already picked…Continue Reading