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Community Contributions, China, and Counsellors-in-Training

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Well, it’s certainly been a while, hasn’t it? Over a month since my last update. To tell the truth, I’ve actually been kind of avoiding writing in here – not consciously, really; it’s been more of a subtle way of telling myself that I’m too busy to do it right now and that I’ll do it later. And then I tell myself that again, and again. My excuse, of course, is that I have been pretty busy. And that’s the truth. I finished up my job at camp, was whisked off straight away back to university with little time to relax, and then Orientation Week came along and I was a leader of little froshlings for a week. On top of that, I caught a cold somewhere around the second last week of camp that stayed with me for quite a while (I still have a cough from it). And to top it off, besides the school work and such, I applied to be on Residence Council as a Community Contributions chair – and I got the position. So now I and another person are responsible for planning community events to volunteer at different places, raise money for charities, etc. as a residence. It’s going to be pretty cool – but it’s also kept me somewhat busy.

But as I said, those are all really just excuses. It doesn’t take much time or effort to sit down for a few minutes in front of a computer and type out some…Continue Reading