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One Heart, One Mind

If you will see with My eyesIf you will hear with My earsThen you will speak with My voiceAnd when I laugh, you will rejoice

Then you and I (then you and I)Will be one, we will be one heart, one mindThen you and I (then you and I)Will be one, we will be one heart, one mindOne heart, one mind

If you despise what I hateIf you esteem what I loveThen the world will know Me through youYou’ll give to them what I give to you

Who knew that such a simple a camp song (complete with actions) could be so powerful? I’ve had this song stuck in my head for the past little while. Of course, it’s no surprise. We only sing it just about every day while I’m at camp. But it’s strange how even those songs that you just sort of half-heartedly sing and don’t really think about start to sink in after a while. If you look at the words, they really are so true. This song is God speaking to us – if we will see and hear things from His perspective, and if we love what He loves and hate what He hates, then we are in alignment. When we are aligned, He can use us – to speak with His voice, to show Himself to the world, and to bless others. When we are of one heart and one mind with God, then we can do powerful things.

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Orientation, Airplanes, and Underdoggies

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These past two weeks have been amazing. Two weeks ago, I started my co-op job at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp just outside of New Hamburg (which is just outside of Waterloo). I have a position as an inclusion counselor there, which means I primarily am dealing with the kids with special needs. At least, that’s what I thought it was. As it turns out, I do a whole lot more than that – I get to interact with all the kids, but I just primarily am assigned to look after the kids with special needs. Anyways, I realized that I haven’t updated this blog in a while, and so I decided to talk a little bit about the whole camp experience.

Honestly, I love it there. It’s horribly tiring, we’ve had to wake up at about 7:45 AM every morning, the kids basically run you into the ground with their boundless energy, and to top it all off, my allergies are pretty bad up there, since I’m outside most of the day. Those are the bad things I’ve found. But the good stuff completely outweighs the bad. The first week was orientation, and I made about 30 new friends that I’m going to get to know better over this summer. I’ve gotten involved with the music stuff there, and so I get to play acoustic guitar about twice a day. Then, of course, I get to deal with kids, and basically I just have to play with them and have…Continue Reading