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Saying Sorry and Societal Strain

Hmm…it’s strange how suddenly I’m back to blogging again. As soon as my busy schedule dies down a bit, I’m straight back to blogging. Perhaps it’s because being busy keeps me from thinking too in-depth about anything. Or perhaps it’s because now that I’m not going to see some of my closest friends for the entire summer, I now can’t spill out my thoughts to them and am now resorting to my previously tried-and-true method. It’s strange to see just how much the impact of friends can have.

At any rate, I already dealt with that in my previous entry, so I won’t travel down that road again, at least for the time being. Today has been somewhat of a strange day. I had nothing to do, so I pretty much did nothing. Watched some TV. Surfed the net. Nothing big. The mail came and I was happy to have gotten another $180 from the government – Steven Harper himself wrote me a cheque (well okay, that’s a lie…it’s from my income tax return) – to add to my $50 GST credit. I suppose I should enjoy getting money from the government while I can; I know it’s not going to be long before I have to start paying them instead. But anyways, eventually my parents got home and turned on the news. Turns out that there was another school shooting down in Virginia. My heart goes out to the families of the injured and the fallen. But it got…Continue Reading

Fridays and First-Years and Friends

It’s Friday the 13th today! Ahh! Everyone put on your garlic necklaces and tin foil hats! You never know what might happen…

But anyways, it’s been another two weeks since my last post here. It’s been a long two weeks, and yet a quick two weeks. Strange how time does that. I’m sitting at home writing this now. I’ve finished up all my exams but one, which I’ll drive in for, and then I’m completely done my first year of university. Done! Entirely finished! I don’t even believe that it’s been a full school year. Just eight months ago, I was nervously getting out of my car, not knowing what to expect or even what to do. I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t know my way around. It was an exciting time, but a fearful one, as I took the big huge step out of my parents’ home and into Waterloo.

And now, a year later, here I am. I have lots of friends from Waterloo who I’m going to miss terribly over the summer. I’ve got eight months full of memories, and knowledge, and university experience. It’s crazy. It’s gone by so fast, and yet at some points, there were definitely times when I couldn’t wait to get out of residence and back home just to have some peace and quiet. Still, though, St. Jerome’s has been an awesome experience, and I’m going back next year mostly because I just love the atmosphere there. Everyone is friendly, and…Continue Reading