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Debates and Drama

Boy, it’s been far too long. Over a month, in fact. And I can only point the blame toward my busy schedule and my way of occupying my free time with less productive methods (like computer games) instead of something which is at least somewhat more productive (blogging). But I figured enough is enough, and so I decided to overcome my inertia and post on this thing once again.

I’m not sure really what I want to talk about. There have been plenty of things going on, much too many things to talk about. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook, the social networking tool that sucks the life straight out of you – it soon draws you in until addiction is inevitable. I thought I could conquer it, but alas, even I fell victim to it. But at least I’ve been spending my time there well. I started a group called “The Pursuit of Truth,” and basically it is devoted to discussion of any kind – whether it be philosophical, theological, political, or anything else. It hasn’t grown by leaps and bounds so far, but it has a respectable little group of people that now are discussing issues like the existence of a God and evolution vs. creation. My goal of creating the group is not to win over people to my side (although that might be nice), but rather to stimulate meaningful discussion and logical, rational thought. I’ve always been convinced that Christianity and its basic…Continue Reading