It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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Merry Christmas everyone! It’s the greatest time of the year, when our Lord and Saviour came down to earth in the smallest parcel possible. Good things come in small packages. This is the day that we celebrate the birth of the God of the universe in human form – an incomprehensible concept, yet so wonderful to attempt to comprehend at the same time. With Him, He brought love, grace, and salvation in abundance for all. He is the ultimate gift-giver, and the greatest reason there is for the season we celebrate.

I must admit that until today, I just wasn’t feeling it this year. The lack of snow, the hectic shopping, and the strangeness of coming home from university made everything feel different. Until today. My family and I opened our presents, and that’s when I felt it. I got pretty much exactly what I wanted for Christmas, and my family seemed to enjoy their presents as well. And that’s enough for me. I know that, ultimately, Christmas is not about the presents or the tree or the get-togethers. These traditions are all just things that we do to help ourselves remember the true reason. See the above paragraph if you forget already. Some people say that, in the midst of the Christmas shopping and baking, they forget why they celebrate the holiday at all. For me, it’s the way I remember. Giving gifts reminds us of the greatest gift, given to mankind. And I pray that I never, ever forget that. I wish the same for you as well, whoever is reading this. Have a very merry Christmas, and let us not forget why we participate in it year after year. He was born, He died, and now He lives again!

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